Estonia expelled two senior Russian diplomats, the media

The Ministry of foreign Affairs of Estonia, handed a note to the Russian Consul General in Narva Dmitry Kazennov and Consul Andrew Sergeevu that they must leave Estonia. It is reported Postimees, reports “Ukrainian truth”.

The press Secretary of the foreign Ministry of Estonia Sandra Kamilova confirmed this information, but did not comment. The Russian Embassy in Estonia has also not commented on this information.

How long diplomats must leave the country, as yet unknown.

Former Director General of the security police of Estonia (KAPO) Raivo AEG said that usually it is connected with the suspicion of espionage.

“Usually, if the diplomat starts to work against the country where he is accredited, you have no choice but to declare him persona non grata and expelled from the country,” said AEG.

According to him, the Russians can say this step to the expulsion of any Estonian diplomat.

Earlier it was reported that in Estonia, the court sentenced to five years of imprisonment of the citizen of Russia Artem Zinchenko, who lived in Estonia and worked for the State intelligence Agency of the Russian Federation.