The funeral knell of the Russian economy

Visit trump in Europe sparked controversial. In Warsaw, the crowd enthusiastically chanted his name, and his speech was deemed worthy of a statesman. In relation to Moscow, trump used the hard, but right rhetoric that can be without difficulty justified from the point of view of history and the facts. However, the Warsaw meeting could not be compared with the summit Big twenty, which overshadowed the first meeting with Putin.

In advance it was clear that in the Kremlin and in the White house is worrisome. Councillor MacMaster stated that the meeting with Putin not scheduled a specific program, and only the President, what will be discussed. “The Russian newspaper” stressed that in contrast to the era of Obama, the participants will talk of “sitting”, and that the Convention center is located in St. Petersburg, close to the street, and immediately opposite it is the Orthodox Church. As for the US, something about them reminded only by the Kennedy bridge.

After the meeting, they discussed who and how it was sitting with legs wide apart, who first held out his hand, supported by the ice… In Russia admired the fact that the meeting actually took place and lasted much longer than planned. In America, the prevailing view was that trump had failed because not only met with Putin, but took his rhetoric, especially on the issue of Syria.

However, the G20 is primarily an economic Union, and the most important players in it — with all due respect to the others are the US, EU and China.

The biggest success of the summit is the commitment of 19 countries to observe the Paris agreement, and this took into account the objections and comments of the United States, as well as their promise to cooperate and to help others in a more environmentally friendly and efficient use of fossil fuels. Perhaps it was this moment — the most interesting of all that was discussed at the summit.

The future will show whether the special position of the USA the desire of the American administration to realize the slogan “America first” (“America first”), or talking about the beginning of a trend “America alone” (“America alone”). If the latter, then an American isolation can be done when the trump will leave the post of President. But regardless of when it happens, adopted the agreement necessarily means the death of the Russian economy in its current form.

The world is moving to an economy in which fossil fuels will play smaller role, and in modern Big twenty countries such as Saudi Arabia and Russia, in fact, has nothing more to offer the world.

Putin understands this, so in an interview Handesblatt he said that the group will be successful only if we manage to join forces. But this is impossible without respect to the position of each member, regardless of the size of its economy and position in the international financial system.

Therefore, neither trump nor Merkel nor with Macron Russian President spoke about the economy — he discussed Syria, Ukraine and the crises that Russia is either provoked or aggravated.

All this is an omen for Russia’s position in the future, because unreformed economy (and for 17 years in power, Putin has proved that he is not capable) this is the only way for Russia to remain “successful” on the world stage — which is much more important than who and who filed their hand or touched his elbow.

The author is an expert on geopolitics