Trump again goes beyond what is permitted in the case of relations with Russia

On Tuesday, may 23, former CIA Director John Brennan (John Brennan) told members of the house Committee on intelligence last year, it alarmed the contact assistants Donald trump with the Russians. “I saw it and I reported information that indicated the contact and communication between Russian officials and Americans involved in the election campaign trump, and that I was concerned because we were aware of the attempts of the Russians to bribe these people, he said. Then I asked myself, could Russia to seek agreement on cooperation”.

The testimony of Mr. Brennan reaffirmed the imperative to carry out a full investigation to understand the details of the hacking campaign of Russia, the nature of the contacts of the members of the electoral headquarters of Mr. trump with the Russians, and in subsequent attempts to hush up the matter. Now, when the arguments in favor of such an investigation are becoming more convincing, there are more reports about the apparent attempt by Mr. trump to prevent the FBI to investigate and find answers to these questions.

Monday, may 22, the Washington Post reported that President trump asked the two senior officials of the intelligence services — the Director of National intelligence Daniel Coates (Daniel Coats) and Director of the national security Agency Michael Rogers (Michael S. Rogers) — to declare publicly that no evidence of collusion between the representatives of the election headquarters of Mr. trump and the Russians there.

Mr. trump went after the leadership of the FBI, including those already dismissed Director James Comey (James B. Comey), according to rumors, he refused the White house request to publicly cast doubt on media reports that aides to Mr. trump during the election campaign kept in touch with the Russians, and after Mr. Komi refused, at the request of Mr. trump to terminate the investigation against the former adviser on national security issues Michael Flynn (as Michael Flynn). Later in his testimony to Congress, Mr. Komi Republic confirmed that the FBI checks all possible relations and contacts between the representatives of the election headquarters of Mr. trump and Russia. According to some reports, the testimony of Mr. Comey has led the President into a rage.

According to one senior intelligence official appeal to Mr. Koutsou and Mr. Rogers after the testimony of Mr. Komi Congress was an attempt to muddy the waters around the FBI investigation. According to one former senior official of the intelligence services, the President “asked them to make false claims regarding the ongoing investigation.”

And that’s not even the disturbing interpretation. According to one intelligence official, the White house asked the heads of the intelligence agencies: “if we Can convince him to stop the investigation? You can do that for us?” These questions may simply refer to the confusion of the administration. But they can also indicate that the President tried to put pressure on Mr. Komi Republic through other intelligence Agency after attempts to negotiate with him directly failed.

Perhaps Mr. Trump really knew nothing about the conspiracy with Russia, or he does not see clear boundaries between itself and the state agencies who are required to act in accordance with their own decisions. If that could be an excuse, now it has exhausted itself. By that time, when Mr. trump asked Mr. Koutsou and Mr. Rogers, it is reported that Mr. Komi had already shown him the importance of preserving the independence of the FBI — such a signal, Mr. Comey has sent Mr. Trump, refusing to stop Russian investigation and to submit to him in other ways too. Given the fact that now many have criticized Mr. trump for firing Mr. Komi and other steps relating to the Russian investigation, if the President wants to cross the line, it needs to understand what he is doing.