Elizabeth II posthumously pardoned almost 50 thousand homosexuals

Queen Elizabeth II granted a posthumous pardon thousands of homosexuals 49. About it reports The Guardian.

She signed the law on Tuesday, January 31. The document is called the “law of Alan Turing” by the same name of the Royal pardon given to a famous mathematician homosexual, who committed suicide in 1954.

“This is truly a memorable day, — said the Deputy Minister of justice Sam GIMA. — We will never be able to heal the harm caused, but we apologize for it and tried his best to fix it. I’m very proud of that “Turing’s law” received by our office.”

In total, under the Royal forgiveness fell 49 thousand people — they were charged on articles which are not now in the legislation. Homosexuality in the United Kingdom was a criminal offence until 1967, but in some parts of the country and longer in Scotland until 1980, in Northern Ireland until 1982. Until the nineteenth century for it has the death penalty, and later it was replaced by imprisonment.