They began to lie as soon as the tramp came out of the plane

On 22 may, the President of the United States Donald trump was in tel Aviv. In that moment, when the trump plane was landing in tel Aviv occurred dorozhno-transport incident. At the ceremony at the gangway security Minister of Israel told the American President about the incident as “a terrorist act committed by Palestinians.”

The car collided with a motorcycle, and he flew into the crowd of pedestrians. Four people were injured. The police of tel Aviv issued a statement: “This is a traffic accident, not a terrorist attack”.

After a few minutes the plane Air Force One landed at an airport Ben Gurion in tel Aviv. When the President of the United States Donald trump got off the plane, he was met by the President of Israel, Reuven Rivlin, Prime Minister Netanyahu and other members of the government.

Trump walked the red carpet and greeted with a handshake every Israeli Minister. When it was the turn of security Minister of Israel Gilad Erdan (Gilad Erdan), trump asked, “How are you?”

The Israeli Minister said: “you See, a terrorist attack, every day we are faced with terrorist acts.”

Although these words of the Minister of security was at odds with the police statement to the tel Aviv: “Not a terrorist attack, and accident”. Of course, the security Minister Gilad Erdan is also notified about it. But he chose to lie to the Trump.

Recently, the Israeli Minister Erdan lied again and was again caught on it.

He published records from surveillance cameras, in which Palestinian prisoner Marwan Barghouti (Mervan Barguti) allegedly secretly eat in prison: so the Minister tried to convince everyone that Barghouti is not waging a hunger strike.

However, it turned out that the footage referred to by the Minister of security of Israel, Dating back to 2004. In addition, it is unknown whether the prisoner depicted in the film, by Marwan Barghouti.


© AP Photo, Yedioth AhronotЛидер Fatah Marwan Barghouti (center), Secretary General of the group “popular front for the liberation of Palestine” Ahmed Saadat (left) and its member Samir Kuntar in prison in Netanya, Israel, 2007

9 January 2017 the Palestinians attacked the Israeli military in Jerusalem. Jerusalem police said that those actions made by the Palestinians, and they were not worth any group.

However, when Prime Minister Netanyahu appeared before the cameras, he ignored the police and said: “did LIH (banned in Russia — approx. ed.)” — and tried to link this terrorist organization with the Palestinian resistance movement.

The whole policy of Israel on the Palestinian question based on a lie.

Would be better if they were limited to only lie.

But beyond lies the main problem — the real facts, and among them there are all sorts of wild versions of the occupation and attacks.

The President of the United States Donald trump began his visit to Israel and Palestine with a signal of “the world.” Today he goes to Ramallah and met with Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas.

Trump insists that “the world”, but about how it happens, no specific reads.

This is the opinion of the President of the United States Donald trump on the Israeli-Palestinian issue: the world, come what may. Incidentally, after the election, he also said: “I don’t know what will be the solution of “two States”, but I support any decision”.

The Palestinians have a negative attitude to Trump. Before that, his arrival to the trump called Hamas a terrorist organization. Hamas is extremely sharply reacted to it, which is quite natural. But responded not only to Hamas. The Fatah leadership also opposed the trump: it was emphasized that to classify Hamas as a terrorist organization is unacceptable.

The fact that Hamas and Fatah, which is not easy to reach agreement on the internal matters of Palestine, converged at one point, when the question arose about the Palestinian resistance, was a positive development.

Prime Minister Netanyahu is one of the most happy arrival of trump. Netanyahu has never gotten along with Obama and disagreed with him on the Palestinian issue and the negotiations with Iran.

Trump the same at every opportunity will not hesitate, acts against Iran and said that the negotiations will stop with him. Trump has sold Saudi Arabia weapons worth $ 110 billion. The question of tension between Riyadh and Tehran trump rests on the side of Saudi Arabia, not Iran, Obama, and directly targeted Tehran.

Israel is pleased, on the one hand, the aggressive rhetoric trump against Iran, on the other — his silence about Jewish settlements.

And, of course, to trump’s promise to move the U.S. Embassy to Jerusalem.

Now trump is not often said about it. As Jerusalem is occupied, it is a city which Palestine and Muslims will never be able to refuse. Moreover, under international law Jerusalem is not the capital of Israel.

Therefore, an attempt by trump to move the U.S. Embassy from tel Aviv to Jerusalem — and it would imply recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel — will turn upside down all the balances in the region.

Now, however, the President of the United States Donald trump who is trying to find new supporters in the region, expects not to destroy but to build balances. On the opposite side of the scale, which he plans to install — not the Palestinians, and Iran.