The art of persuasion: 24 rules that will help in business and life

The art of human persuasion is a science, which helps us to get the job or promotion, to sell their products, etc.

In his book “the Art of seduction” author Robert Greene leads basically persuasion tactics used by many famous historical figures – from Cleopatra to Casanova. The portal Business Insider has formulated 24 General rules, the use of which will help to effectively defend their interests in benese.

  • Choose the right “victim”. Usually those who try to be with you too polite or trying to please, they want to get you something. Such people are not suitable. To achieve its goal, it is better to choose someone who is open to cooperation.
  • Socialize. Most likely, in order to conclude a bargain, you’ll have to establish friendly relations with potential partners and get to know them.
  • Use different tactics. In business also need to be able to maintain something of the atmosphere of mystery and not reveal all cards at once.
  • Promote yourself. Excessive modesty yet no one was in favor. Be sure to tell potential business partners about their successful projects and achievements. Show them what you’re.
  • Show off your strengths. In this aspect, first of all, you need to determine what qualities or services is not enough the other side of the agreement and offer it to them. For example, your company is well versed in marketing, and partners need expertise in this area. Offer your support.
  • Don’t say all right. If your goal is to enter into cooperation with a particular company or to the contract, perhaps it is better not to talk about it directly, and gently push the opposite direction to the thought that it may appeal to you.
  • Play by the rules. At first, follow all the requirements of you the customer. So you prove your professionalism and will to win.
  • Do not cease to amaze. Constantly push new ideas and be unpredictable.
  • Use the power of words. Say the most convincing results and try to use as many arguments.
  • Pay attention to the details. In particular, this applies to behavior. Try to show that you are doing any work effortlessly.
  • Build the correct Association. To attract the potential audience, try to communicate with her on a positive note and build positive associations with, for example, own brand.
  • Show weakness. Even where you feel the force try to show the customer or client that the main deal is it.
  • Put the customer at the forefront. This will give him to understand that cooperation is very important for your company.
  • Be yourself. If you feel that your aim begins to move away, and the prospects are vague, show initiative, take an active position in the negotiations.
  • Hot on the trail. If you already have a successful experience with this client, try to understand what elements of your cooperation remember him most. In the new project try to use those same tactics.
  • Be as transparent as possible. Working together with someone, do not allow the emergence of a taboo. What you are doing and what results you get, should be as clearly conveyed to the customer.
  • Don’t forget about morality. In business, she also has a place. Reinforce its commitment to the personal qualities and try to convince someone that you can trust.
  • Don’t overdo it. It is not necessary to be very polite and helpful. It will not play in your favor, and will only worsen the situation, forcing the partner to think that you are being insincere.
  • Don’t forget about freedom. Working with the client for many years, try not to be Intrusive. Give him the opportunity to choose.
  • Don’t forget about the external component. You must not only speak and act as the professional Affairs, but also to look appropriate. In other words, do not forget about the appearance.
  • Do not forget about their interests. When a transaction is already in your pocket, be sure to draw the customer’s own interests and goals work together.
  • Keep your brand. Even with best ordering, continue to work on their image and reputation.
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