The Cabinet approved the program of development of Ukrainian defense industry

The Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine today, may 24, approved the State target program of reforming and development oboronno-an industrial complex (MIC) in the medium term. This was reported by the press service of the government.

“The implementation of the provisions of the Program will affect all components of the process control of the military-industrial complex institutional and regulatory support of development of international cooperation and export potential”, – stated in the message.

The Programme is expected to implement measures aimed at ensuring financial recovery of enterprises, the integration of science and production, facilitation, monitoring and analysis by automating management processes.

Plans for defence sector in the next year several pilot projects that will assess the capabilities of the Ukrainian defense industry to adapt to international norms and procedures, in particular, to those that operate in NATO countries.

Also the program of the Cabinet includes activities for the creation and renewal of production capacities of enterprises of the defense industry by sector, allowing it to implement public sector programs, such as State target program for the creation and production of ammunition and special chemistry products, adopted by the Government in March this year.

The program is classified, so read its text can’t, but soon a plan should be prepared on institutional arrangements of the State program of reforming and development of the defense industry in 2017, which will have the stamp of access restriction.

We will remind, Ukraine has reduced the Institute of tank troops at Kharkov Polytechnic Institute.