How to learn to manage emotions and to prevent the occurrence of psychosomatic diseases

Very aptly about the nature of the “emotional” diseases, said Indian philosopher Osho: “the body is the visible part of the soul, and the soul is the invisible part of the body.” Changes in one “half” of human nature, mental, — will necessarily affect the other somatic (bodily). The fact that the hypothalamus not only governs the endocrine and immune systems, which are engines of health, but also is the engine “digesting” external factors: information, other people’s emotions, their actions, etc.

If these irritants react with anguish, the body also fails. For example, the pancreas as part of the endocrine system begins to produce insulin not to the extent that is needed. Once, second, fifteenth, and now the doctor finds the nerve of the patient diabetes. And then unbalanced the pancreas sends those signals to the hypothalamus, and the brain begins to work more inharmonious.
To prevent the occurrence of this vicious circle and to prevent “stuck” emotions in our body, you need them to live.

Imagine that our feelings are flowing, like water, each in its pipe. Then they merge into a reservoir from which pipes branch out again. At the exit each of them has its own tap. If the valves fail to open, the tank overflows and at some point explode, sweeping away everything in its path. And, perhaps, excessive amount of water tank and stand (well, as absolutely nerezinovoy bus, often densely, in some incredible way, it is dimensionless), but because of this “resinously” he will quickly lose fitness. To if to continue this analogy, the water in the tank without moving mouldy, it will breed bacteria, and it will become essentially a poison.

To avoid this, the taps should be open regularly and necessarily all — or poison will be water in some of the same pipes, but as all the water merge together, the “patient” will be all liquid. How to do it right, said our experts.


The self-BLAME. The cause of autoimmune diseases (including psoriasis). Focus on the lessons of the past, learn to live in the here and now.

A SMOLDERING RESENTMENT OR ANGER. Provoke disorder in the digestive tract, including its consequences — diabetes, and obesity. Insult to people of the opposite sex, including father or mother, can result in problems in the reproductive sphere. Realize that people tend to make mistakes, and let it remain on their conscience.

PRIDE AND ANXIETY. Lead to hypertension and diseases of the cardiovascular system. Cool — not everything depends on you.

RESIGNATION, AND DETERRENCE EMOTIONS. Cause diseases of the respiratory system. To accept it is necessary only if change you really can not do anything.

REJECTION OF SITUATIONS OR PEOPLE. Leads to diseases of the joints and varicose veins. In the language of psychosomatics — don’t you want to go. Understand where, to whom and why.



The accumulation of sadness can result in depression. Cry it, and with feeling, plainly and emphatically.

To do this, go to the place that you is comfort, and sincerely prorities. This place can be a lawn, square, stone on the coast, the sofa in the bedroom or a TV showing your favorite flick.


If you are afraid of something, say, annual report to tax or rise in the dollar, because you have a mortgage — do not push the alarm, convincing myself that “I’ll think about it in an uncertain “tomorrow”. Open look fear in the eye. What exactly are you afraid of and how you will not eliminate the fear itself, and the reason that caused it.

If fever so that constructive thinking does not work, first release the alarm after her physical actions. For example, buy a coloring book with images that you associate with fear, and razreshite them. Or paint your alarm. Better finger paints: transmission of tactile feelings increase the effect of living in fear. You can probabability fear fingers on the table. As long as the degree of “afraid-afraid” will not decrease.


Any “sour” event take as part of the “lemonade”, without which this drink is impossible a priori. For example, we had a downpour and ruined your long-planned weekend that your busy schedule and so little. And you look at the “terrible weather” “How good that it pours — there will be a lot of mushrooms, which I love” or “that’s good, that’s not going anywhere, but there was time to finally clean up the rubble in the closet.”
In a more global issues, we also find positive benefits and lessons that they brought.

Still, try to frequently do the following exercise. The pessimist always tense as a result — in his body occur muscle blocks. Removing them, you relax, and to grumble already will want less. So much strain every muscle. Start with the forehead, and so down to the tips of your toes. Now, when the body is squeezed like a fist, sharply relax from all of its parts. Repeat 2-3 times, breathing deeply.


Anger pushed our ancestors to the attack or defense (if the opponent was stronger). Thus they practiced the adrenaline. In a moment of anger, the level of this hormone in modern humans is also through the roof, and “beat” him you also need. If this is not done, the emotion remains inside a person, and starts destructive to the psyche process.
Because when you are angry, “hit” the conscience of the opponent. But without insults, shouting, assessments of his actions and shortcuts — they will cause an escalation of the conflict and only exacerbate your anger and loss of energy. Just speak your emotion. For example, “You’re a nerd and hamley, who spit on obligation! Why borrow from me, and then mumbles that there is no money?!”. And so: “I’m mad because you broke your word”, “I’m furious, because he believed you.”

If emotions overflow and say quietly you can’t — leave the room and rip to shreds the unnecessary sheet of paper. The stiffer it will be (e.g., cardboard) — the better. Applying great effort leads to more venting of anger. Can also break a pencil or more. Another way to work off the adrenaline of anger – sports (any kind). For example, a morning jog.


Resentment will never change nor very unpleasant situation, or your attackers and will not ease your condition. But it will begin to destroy you — feel a negative emotion you, and not your “enemy”. The question is, what is the point of sulking? If it does not stop you saying goodbye to resentment, symbolically destroying her.

For example, “fill” her Cup and break into pieces; to make his resentment of clay and smash it with a punch; cut from the first comer Newspapers their feeling and burn.

If you want to speak — talk to the offender or send him a letter. It must contain a moderate statement of the actions of the opponent, whom he offended you, and request to forgive you, and the message that you forgive the offender. Just a list of reasons for the resentment itself is the offense not going anywhere, she’s not even reduced.

Note: if you bite yourself for your own actions is also a form of resentment. In addition to the act of violence over it, as described above, allow yourself to make mistakes. Just think about what lessons you will learn from mistakes and how to fix it.