The Cabinet adopted a number of measures to facilitate business

The Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine adopted a package of regulations necessary for the regulation and support of Ukrainian business management. The decision was taken at a government meeting on Wednesday, may 24.

First Deputy Minister of economic development and trade (MEDT) Maxim Nefedov, presenting innovations, noted that most of the new steps – these are things aimed at “smart” regulation.

“We have eliminated many hundreds of regulations over the last two deregulation of the Cabinet, but this does not mean that instead it will be chaos and “huliaipole”. Instead, we offer to businesses and consumers clear and understandable rules of the game,” he said.

The main step Nefedov called the creation of the integrated automated system of state supervision.

“Now a large number of inspection bodies has its own normative documents, which come out all the time, make regulations, penalties. The result is that neither business nor government ministries as regulators,” – said the first Deputy head of the MEDT.

He added that he has already abolished a large number of intermediate and bogus checks.

“The next step, we do so that the database checks were open to every citizen, journalist, politician could see someone check, to avoid any suspicion and doubt,” said Nefedov.

Paired with this, as the Deputy head of the Ministry, and settlement themselves measures of state supervision, that is, they must be conducted in accordance with the methodology.

“We hope that by combining inspections and greater predictability, their number will decrease by 15-30% and the practice of combining checks to one positive account of itself and will be transferred with the pilot on a permanent basis,” – said Nefedov.

In addition, all Supervisory authorities are encouraged the methodology for the development of risk criteria for planning inspections.

“We are confident that the regulatory authorities should come not when they have an inner conviction of the violation, and on the basis of clear risk criteria. Each body must approve these criteria throughout the year. We proposed a General method that will allow you to understand what businesses belong to high-risk and other”, – stated first Deputy head of the MEDT.

Equally important, he noted that after the adoption of these innovations, they must be fulfilled, therefore, one of the documents in the package for control over the execution of oversight functions of the legislative requirements.

“The goal of regulatory bodies not to fill the budget, and to ensure that there were no violations,” – said Nefedov.

He also noted the desire of the Ministry to put in place mechanisms similar to the work of the business Ombudsmanthat the inspections could take part the representatives of Gasregulating service, the Ministry of public associations.

“According to the statement structure, which has to be checked, it would be possible to involve experts from GRS, or to attract the public to consultation and clarification. Publicity’s the best mechanism,” said Nefedov.

Among other things, he announced intentions to introduce electronic licensing of economic activities. The goal is unified requirements, unified procedure for issuing licenses in electronic form, a tool of interaction between state registers, to ensure that the licensing process was as comfortable as possible for the applicant.

In addition, as reported by Nefedov, the Ministry developed a strategy for development of small and medium enterprises, accounted for more than half of the 63 comments were officially submitted, and now proposes a program of two blocks.

“The first block – to minimize restrictions for business, the second block – the stimulation of development. These blocks will be developed a specific action plan with deadlines and responsible,” – said the first Deputy head of the MEDT.

He expressed hope that by 2020 Ukraine will be able to achieve the objectives – increasing the share of small and medium business in the gross additional value, exports and, consequently, the increase in the share markets.

Naponim, the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine adopted the decision on liquidation of the State sanitary-epidemiological service.