The traditional spring clean-energy company DTEK held in 26 cities of Ukraine

On spring action “Clean city”, which for the fifth year in a row participating volunteers DTEK throughout Ukraine, in April-may went out 3,5 thousand employees of the company. In their towns they have collected about 2 thousand cubic meters of garbage, planted several hundred plants, repaired the rides and benches, planted flowers.

“In five years, in the green volunteer actions have taken part more than 50 thousand employees DTEK in Ukraine. It is a tradition: people come with their families and friends in order to make our cities cleaner and more comfortable. This simple and positive action, which together can do the business and society. The company traditionally organizes: assumes agreement with the city utilities, the purchase of consumables. And staff and their families tidy squares, where we all walk with their children, – said General Director of “DTEK” Maxim Timchenko.

In Kiev on 20 may, about 300 volunteers of the capital office of DTEK and representatives of Kyivenergo, FUIB, VEGA and other SCM group enterprises came to clean the Solomenskiy landscape Park. In addition to traditional harvest areas, the volunteers made a new deck on a Park bench, and cleaned and repainted the Central staircase located at the entrance to the Park.

“Change begins with us. This idea lies at the heart of everything we do. For 11 years we were able to make our mine one of the best in the Ukrainian coal industry. Of the 21 upgraded unit in the country 18 is of DTEK’s TPPs. Our distribution company improve your service: comfortable opened new service Centers, new modern digital services. But most importantly, over the years we have managed to create a culture change within the company. None of us have been waiting for changes, but creates them himself. Perhaps the most striking evidence of this is our annual action “Clean city”, – said Maxim Timchenko.

In Kiev, the collected garbage DTEK traditionally sent to the capital’s incineration plant “Energy” managed by “Kyivenergo”. Recall that this is the current incinerator, capable of turning garbage into an energy source – heat for residents. By burning garbage “Energy” heats the water to 300 homes in the Metropolitan area Poznyaki.