Rebooting trump with Islam

It seems that everyone has forgotten his tweets in which he calls them cowards, and in his article on Facebook compares them to slave owners. The people of Saudi Arabia, and last but not least, the Royal family only remember what Donald trump says now. If the candidate trump mocked by the Saudis, the President trump embraces them, making his first foreign visit to Riyadh. Being 20 and 21 may in the capital of this Kingdom, he tried to reassure Muslim leaders and to draw a sharp distinction between the foreign policy of Barack Obama and its own course.

The Central event of the visit was talking to trump in front of dozens of Sunni leaders, whom his administration has called a response to Obama’s speech in Cairo in 2009. Both presidents each in their own way tried to restart America’s relationship with the Muslim world. But if Obama tried to repair the damage from the war in Iraq, the Luggage trump was a heavy load islamofobia rhetoric. “I think that Islam hates us,” said trump last year, urging to establish a universal ban on entry of Muslims in America. As his first national security Advisor, Michael Flynn believed Islam is a “malignant tumor”.

The despots and dictators, certainly short memory, because Riyadh seem to have liked the call of the trump to fight extremism, which he now considers not “a struggle between different faiths” and the struggle between good and evil. Perhaps helped by the fact that the President did not criticize his listeners for the numerous violations of human rights, which, according to many analysts, contribute to the expansion of terrorism. Such criticism was more usual to Obama (which in 2009 addressed the students of the University and strongly advocated respect for human rights). “We didn’t come here to lecture you, — said trump. We’re not here to tell other people what to do”.

But then the President told his audience what to do. “The Middle East can’t wait until American power will crush them for their enemies, he said. — A better future is possible only in case, if your country do expel terrorists and extremists”. The word “cast” he repeated five times. And to this end are declared trump, the United States will sell Saudi Arabia “perfect” weapon for $ 110 billion, will open in Riyadh, the Global centre for the fight against extremist ideology and create a center for the suppression of the financing of terrorism.

Almost all regional issues trump accused predominantly Shiite Iran, no doubt pleasing his Saudi masters and by driving the wedge deeper sectarian strife within Islam. “From Lebanon and Iraq to Yemen, Iran finances, arms and trains terrorists, insurgents and extremist groups which spread chaos and destruction throughout the region,” the President said (ignoring the fact that most of the jihadists in the middle East is Sunni, not Shia). A day earlier, Secretary Rex Tillerson even condemned Iran for human rights violations, although there the situation is not much worse than in Saudi Arabia. This brief lecture was delivered a few hours after the Iranians re-elected President moderate Hassan Rouhani.

Criticism of Iran was only one of many ways in which trump and his owners have tried to emphasize that under the new administration things will be different. Just two years ago, Obama has established cooperation with Rouhani to make a deal on limiting Iran’s nuclear program in exchange for lifting sanctions. This change of interest has upset the Saudis, who, during recent Obama’s visit to the Kingdom gave him a very cool reception. In contrast, trump emerged from the presidential plane in Riyadh, were warmly welcomed by king Salman, who built him a magnificent ceremony with the flight of combat aircraft, and it left a vapor trail in the colors of the American flag.

But changes occurred to a greater extent in style than in essence and content. Trump has not broken the nuclear agreement with Iran, and like Obama, he stated that he will avoid the “unexpected intervention” in the region. Moreover, “Obama has behaved pretty well with the Saudis,” says Thomas Lippman (Lippman Thomas) working in the Washington think tank the Middle East Institute (Middle East Institute). He visited the Kingdom many times and sold to the Saudis more weapons than any other President before him. In fact, the negotiations on many transactions for the supply of weapons, who praised trump was carried out under his predecessor, which also provided intelligence and information support fighting in Yemen, the Saudis.

Next, trump is heading to Israel, where the dynamics of the event, sometimes reminiscent of what happened during his Saudi visit. Trump will visit the memorial centre of the Holocaust Poison VA-Shem — perhaps in order to refute accusations of anti-Semitism against some members of his administration after the statements made in the this year statement in the memory of the Holocaust was not mentioned Jews. The President also intends to offer a path to final peace deal between Israelis and Palestinians. Someone doubts his ability to put an end to this longstanding conflict, however, came to Riyadh, Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi called trump “a unique personality, able to do the impossible.” Trump replied: “I agree.”

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Reader comments

Sultan bin trump Casino Taj Mahal praised Saudi Arabia for democracy and moderation. But what does Saudi Arabia have to do with democracy and moderation? In my opinion, Saudi Arabia is a hotbed of terrorism.
But that’s not all. Melania and Ivanka trump went even further, praising the Saudis for their human rights! These people in your mind? I can’t believe they said that.

The Saudis defeated the anti-Muslim policy of the trump. Trump just three months went from being the ban on entry of Muslims to visit the main Muslim countries. I’ve never seen such political agility. Naturally, they admire, as friends and enemies.


Salvation is trump to achieve progress on nuclear and hostile Iran, and at the same time Islamic terrorists.
To solve these problems, he wants to co-opt the Saudis and exclude Iran.
Seem more serious a threat it believes a nuclear Iran and the influence that he has, not a few thousand Sunni jihadists brainwashed, buying a “Toyota” with black flags and Kalashnikovs. He may be right. Although erased from the face of the Earth need and those and others.
In his strategy he wants to solve both problems. Iran can sit down at the negotiating table… if he wants to return to the world community and to develop economically. To do this he must abandon nuclear weapons and its aggressiveness. The Saudis and their allies can take on the role of leaders in the fight against Islamic terrorists. And then they will be wiped off the face of the Earth.