Today Ukrainians raised the minimum pension and minimum wage: how many are now going to

Today Ukrainians have indexed social standards: more than a 5% increase in the minimum pension and the subsistence minimum and tied to it payments. So, since may, the Ukrainian pensioners will receive no less than 1312 UAH (1247), and the cost of living increases 1544 1624 UAH to UAH. The website “Today” to find out who and how to “get rich” as a result of indexation.

From the size of subsistence minimum depends on the payment of survivors ‘ pensions: cost of living for the child take the average monthly family income per person. The difference to single parent pay on a monthly basis.

For example, the family of three has gross income of four thousand hryvnias. Per person – 1333 hryvnia. Thus, before the first of may, the subsistence minimum for children up to 18 years – UAH 1689. Accordingly, the amount of the pension is only 355 hryvnia. After the first of may, the subsistence minimum for children up to 18 years is 1777 hryvnia, if the family income does not change, the pension will increase to 444 USD.

As a result of indexation has also increased and the minimum pension – from 1247 to 1312 hryvnia. 65 hryvnia will raise all pensions by age, with the exception of payments to working pensioners. At the same time, the minimum wage Ukrainians to increase this year no longer. We will remind, since January, the minimum wage is raised from 1600 to 3200 hryvnia.

The innovation will affect subsidianes. When calculating subsidies in the social service expect the obligatory payment for family. Regardless of how many used resources (within social norms), will have to pay a fixed amount monthly. Income per family member share of the underlying factor of 2 and a living wage, the amount received multiplied by 15%.

For example, the total income of a family of four – 3200 UAH. 800 hryvnia each. According to the above formula, you can calculate the amount of mandatory payment: 800 / 1544 / 2 * 15% = 3,8% of the total income, that is for communal family will give 121,6 hryvnia. In may, the same family with a minimum salary of four will pay for a communal 115,2 hryvnia, that is, six hryvnia less.

The ratio of family income to the subsistence level also depends on the size of the subsidy. If the income does not change, and the cost of living increases – the amount of subsidy for the Ukrainians is increasing.

The amount of subsidy for families of the unemployed will be reduced. Since the middle of last year, if able-bodied family member not officially working, when calculating subsidies, as stated by the Deputy Minister of social policy Vitaly Muminin, will take into account his income in amount of two living wages (currently – UAH 3200). Previously unemployed family member considered income in the amount of one subsistence minimum.

So, if a family of 4 working-age persons has an aggregate income of 10 thousand hryvnia, but one of the family members is not officially open, in the calculation of the grant would assume that the family earns 13.2 thousand. That is, the subsidy, the unemployed person is put at the same level as the subsidy for the Ukrainian minimum wage.