Lutsenko: the garden may give a suspicion and to dismiss

Prosecutor General Yury Lutsenko declared that the mayor of Lviv Andrey Sadovyi can dismiss the case, if he will hand over the suspicion regarding negligence with a deadly outcome. He said this on air of the TV channel ZIK, commenting on the opening of criminal proceedings against officials of the Lviv city Council, especially mayor Andriy Sadovy, reports channel “112 Ukraine”.

According to Lutsenko, two weeks ago in Kharkov, was completed, the examination, which found that there was no arson at the dump “Zbyranka” near Grabovica was not.

“All the talk about the fact that some special saboteurs from rival political parties set fire to the dump examination is not confirmed. It was spontaneous combustion because of lack of technology,” he said.

“Therefore, the question of negligence of official officers of the Lviv city Council that led to this situation. The old way is – negligence. But all is compounded by the fact that we have three victims. Families have the right to ask officials of the Lviv city Council is responsible for this”, – he added.

“Right now the pretrial investigation the regional Prosecutor’s office establishes that “Who?”. I can not exclude that they may be a mayor, and his deputies, and other officials,” – said Lutsenko.

To clarify whether in this case a political implication, as claimed by Andriy Sadovy, Lutsenko said: “I think that the problem with the waste arises not from the fact that the mayor is in opposition or coalition. Garbage simply have to be disposed of, it needs to be addressed. Andrey Ivanovich is not the first time in the post and not even a second”.

Garden previously stated that the Prosecutor makes him the suspicion of a criminal offence, but did not specify what the case.

March 14 was published topic of the presidential Administration, in which the BPP MPs propose publicly to criticize the position of Garden stock to block trade with the occupied territories.

As reported, on may 30 Gribovichi a landfill collapsed after it was on fire.

Rescuers found under the rubble the bodies of three of their colleagues, the fourth was missing.

After this operation the landfill was suspended, Lviv debris began to export to other cities of Ukraine. The residents of these cities have repeatedly expressed their protest against such actions.

In Prosecutor’s office reported that the garbage is not burned because of arson, but because of improper operation of the landfill.