Laws, free products and strict law

The beginning of the hottest month of the year was marked by several legislative changes, some of them can seriously damage our wallets. Since July 1, finally in the “free flight” to leave the prices soprodukta, because the government lifted regulation on these products, and the owners of houses and apartments have to pay property tax. Rules as of July will affect the lives of Ukrainians, read below.

PRODUCTS. From July 1, earned a Cabinet decision about the lifting of price soprodukta. We are talking about bread, flour, pasta, cereals, sugar, meat, boiled sausages, dairy products, vegetable oil, eggs, baby food. For these products the Cabinet has set a maximum retail allowance of 15% in 1996. And last year the government suspended the regulation, but now it’s decided not to cancel. Thus the market will be able to balance the pricing policy for the actuary, I hope in the Cabinet. But experts are pessimistic. “In the summer, the changes will not see cheap young vegetables balance the market. But from September you can expect big jumps, because the abolition of state regulation can lead to speculation. For example, rice, vegetables, milk or eggs may rapidly become more expensive and cheaper. So speculators are monitoring the reaction of customers”, — says the head of the Association of retail suppliers Oleksiy Doroshenko. According to him, the fall is unlikely to drastically rise in price of bread, because it is the product of politzania: “will Not rise in the price of meat, because the product is more expensive 120 UAH per kilo people can’t buy.”

RATES. Changed the tariffs for industrial consumers. So, NKREKU 1.8% increased wholesale market price of electricity. Now it is 1365,72 UAH/MW*h instead of the previous 1341,57 UAH/MW*h But this increase was balanced by lower gas prices by 3%. Now, according to the decision of “Naftogaz”, a thousand cubic meters of fuel costs 7208 UAH, not 7430 UAH, in June. “All Ukrainians will see in the payment. But more costly electricity will affect a slight increase in prices in food and other commodities because electricity is used in the production”, — said the Director of energy programmes of NASU Valentyn Zemlyansky.

TAXES. It’s time for Ukrainians to pay property tax, because before July 1 of the tax was to distribute to population bills. Recall that the population does not pay for housing, if the quadrature does not exceed 60 square meters for apartments and 120 square meters for the house and 180 sq m for flats and houses. But if housing exceeds the specified meter, for the excess you have to pay. For example, if the person solely owns a three-pointer in 66 square meters, then six “squares” fall under the tax. It is also worth remembering that in 2017, the Ukrainians will pay for 2016, so the tax rate is calculated on the basis of mentorplace in 1378 UAH. How much a homeowner will pay this summer, depends on the decisions of the regional authorities, who in 2016 could set the tax to 3% from mentorplace — 41,34 UAH/sq. m. But most noticeably the luxury tax will hit the owners of apartments and houses with a total area of over 300 and 500 sq. m. And all because these citizens will pay 25 thousand UAH per year for each residential property.

Meanwhile, from July 15, Kiev is waiting for another “surprise” — the more expensive the tickets in public transport. That is a trip on the metro will cost UAH 5 UAH instead of 4. And in buses, trolley buses and trams will pay 4 UAH 3 UAH as of now.

The interior Ministry had updated the test for a driver’s license

Since July, the future drivers will be new exams for the law, since the interior Ministry decided to update the tests. “The issues grouped by category of driving license. And now the drivers of cars do not have to answer questions related to the management of buses or trucks. Until the end of the year planned introduction of enhanced control over the process of exams in the form of photo and video fixation,” — said the head of the Main service centre of the Ministry of internal Affairs Vladislav Crickley. And the rest of the theoretical part of the exam has not changed: people need 20 minutes to answer 20 (more than 2000) questions the system selects them in a random order. In each test is 10 questions on the rules of the road, 4 — up, 4 — on the basics of traffic safety, 2 — to provide medical care. The exam is worth 26 UAH, and the identity of the driver — UAH 201.