What foods are harmful to teeth, and which benefit

The oral hygiene does not guarantee the health, whiteness and beauty of teeth. There are products that are very harmful, and there are those that save them, writes likar.info.

Recommended: cheese, meat, nuts, almonds, milk. These products contain many calcium and phosphorus, which protects tooth enamel. Through the use of these products occurs remineralization, recovery of chemical compounds of mineral composition of the tooth and the density of the damaged enamel in which the mineral elements get into the top layer of the teeth.

Not recommended: white flour and starch. Foods that contain a lot of starch (white bread, pasta made with white flour, buckwheat, cornmeal, beans, lentils, potato chips, etc.) can cause great harm to teeth. The fact that they have a lot of sugar, which may cause erosion of tooth enamel and begin the gum disease – bacteria of the mouth burn sugar, with the result that he becomes an acid that destroys tooth enamel.

Recommended: hard, crunchy fruits and vegetables. If you ever wanted to eat something, then it is best to remember the hard, crunchy fruits and vegetables (apples, carrots, radishes, beets), as they have a lot of water which dilutes the natural sugars. These products cleanse the teeth, making the tooth enamel less damaged. Also fruits and vegetables with high water content help the production of saliva, which helps cleanse the mouth of food particles and harmful acids.

Not recommended: citrus fruits and juices, and foods with high acid content. In citrus fruit contains a lot of vitamin C which is very useful to the human body. However, it should be remembered that there are also a lot acid, which can cause erosion of tooth enamel. As a result, the teeth begin to crumble and break. So you should not abuse citrus fruits and juices (orange, lemon, lime, grapefruit), and foods high in acid (pickles and tomatoes, sauerkraut). After their use you need to rinse your mouth with clean water.

Recommended: water. During the day it is best to drink water, not juices or carbonated beverages. Water removes the sugar and acid from the mouth that prevents the accumulation of harmful bacteria and formation of dental plaques, creating an acidic environment where damaged tooth enamel. It is best if water contains fluoride. Scientific studies have shown that fluoridated water is 25% better protects the mouth from bacteria and acids than water, doesn’t have that chemical compounds.

In 2013 in the journal of Dental Research published an article by American scientists from the University of North Carolina, which stated that, in adults, most of my life lived in areas with fluoridated drinking water, 30% less risk of tooth decay than people who live in areas with normal drinking water. The positive effect is, even if people started to drink water with fluoride in adult life.

Water fluoridation in the public water supply is now held in dozens of countries, including in Ukraine. In our country, water fluoridation on the water supply of centralized drinking water supply is regulated by the decree of the Ministry of health.

Not recommended: juices, sweet carbonated drinks and juices. If you regularly drink fizzy soft drinks and fruit juices, your teeth are constantly exposed to harmful acids. This means that the teeth will quickly be destroyed, and in the mouth can cause sores. And all this is due to the fact that these drinks a lot of sugar, which in his mouth turns into acid.

As for coffee, it contributes to the emergence of plaque and Tartar (hardened plaque) and stains on the enamel of the tooth. So after consumption of the drink need to be sure to brush your teeth.

Recommended: sugar-free chewing gum.There are so many negative opinions about chewing gum, that there are few who believe in its benefits for the oral cavity. And for good reason. Chewing gum cleans teeth well, removes food debris and some dental plaque, causing an acid environment. In addition, the chewing promotes release of saliva, which also cleans the mouth of harmful acids, and even whitens teeth. The main thing is that the chewing gum contained sugar. Otherwise, it will bring your teeth more harm than good.

Not recommended: candy. I think all sweets are harmful to the teeth? In principle, it is. But, for example, from the remnants of chocolates mouth can be easily cleaned by drinking water, but traces of chewing, hard candy stay will be a long time. If sugar will be a time to be in your mouth, it will react with bacteria, which will appear acids that harm teeth and gums. In addition, due to the solid candy, for example, caramel, might just break a tooth or chip it.