The white house commended telephone calls trump and Putin

Vladimir Putin on Saturday became the third world leader with whom the President of the United States Donald trump held telephone talks.

In an official statement the White house stated that the President of Russia Vladimir Putin called President Donald Trump to congratulate him on his inauguration. The phone conversation lasted about an hour. The two leaders discussed issues of multilateral cooperation in the fight against “Islamic state” (banned in Russia, ed.), as well as cooperation to ensure peace and stability in various regions, including Syria. This telephone conversation, the report said, “has become a symbolic start in improving relations between the United States and Russia, which are in need of rehabilitation”.

The white house notes that presidents trump and Putin hope that after this conversation, both parties will be able to act quickly and vigorously against terrorism and other challenges that pose a common threat.

In messages published by news agencies with reference to the representatives of the Kremlin, it is reported that the two leaders are going to try to restore relations between the US and Russia to cooperate in Syria.

As highlighted on the official Kremlin website, “the conversation took place in a positive and business-like manner”.

After winning the election in November last year, President Putin congratulated Donald trump, but last Saturday the telephone calls were the first contact between two leaders after the official inauguration ceremony.

On Friday, speaking at the White house at a joint press conference with British Prime Minister may, Donald trump refused to answer the question about the possible abolition of anti-Russian sanctions, saying that to discuss this “too early”.

The subject of sanctions is not mentioned

As reported by Reuters, official reports, the topic of sanctions against the Kremlin do not mentioned. Russian officials said only that the President “discussed actual international problems, including combating terrorism, the situation in the middle East, the Arab-Israeli conflict, strategic stability and non-proliferation, the situation around the Iranian nuclear program and the Korean Peninsula”.

Individual topics addressed were potential cooperation of the two countries in the fight against militants of the “Islamic state” in Syria and the situation in Ukraine.

In a statement, rasprostranena the Kremlin specified that the presidents agreed “to give an assignment to work out possible dates and venue of” the summit and “agreed to maintain regular personal contacts”.

Washington confirmed the allied obligations to Tokyo

On Saturday, the President of the United States Donald trump held a series of telephone conversations with world leaders. The first in this list became the Prime Minister of Japan Shinzo Abe.

A conversation with the head of the Japanese Cabinet passed a few days after the new head of the White house signed an order to start the process of US withdrawal from the TRANS-Pacific partnership is the largest agreement on free trade, in which, besides the United States and Japan, participating 10 countries in the region.

Shinzo Abe as ex-US President Barack Obama spoke out in support of this agreement, whose members provide 40% of the global volume of foreign trade.

The administration of President trump said Saturday that the United States and Japan will seek a new agreement on bilateral trade, which would replace the multilateral agreement on the TRANS-Pacific partnership. It was also stated that the new administration will implement a major investment the U.S.-Japanese projects, and that the United States will maintain “iron commitment” to their obligations to ensure the security of Japan.

The following interlocutor of the American President became the Chancellor of Germany Angela Merkel. Last year she appealed to the citizens of Germany, asking them to show compassion to refugees from Syria. The influx of immigrants caused a negative reaction in society.

Last Friday, the President trump signed Executive order temporarily prohibiting Syrian refugees entering the United States.

Saturday was also a scheduled phone talks between US President with French President Francois Hollande and Prime Minister of Australia Malcolm Tornblom.