Trump says constantly about the investigation against Russia — although it may hurt him

Trump was silent the entire 12 hours. And then he poured out his soul.


The appointment of a special Prosecutor to investigate possible collusion between its staff and Russia he called Twitter “the greatest witch-hunt in American history.”

Several hours passed, and at a press conference with Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos, trump returned to this theme.

“I think it’s absolutely ridiculous. All think so, — said trump, when asked about the appointment of a special Prosecutor. All, and even my enemies say that no conspiracy was not.”

These statements confirm the firm determination of the trump to fight against the investigation, which plagued him from his first days in power, though by his actions he is only fueling the scandal, and creates for itself more and more legal risks.

Trump refers to the investigation of Russia’s actions as PR battles, in which he is attacked by numerous enemies. But he’s very slowly getting used to the new dangers, especially of a legal nature, which becomes more and more.

Almost at every opportunity — in interviews, tweets, official statements — trump contends the investigation is politically motivated farce.

James Clapper and others stated that there is no evidence Potus colluded with Russia. This story is FAKE NEWS and everyone knows it!

— Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) March 20, 2017

“James Clapper and the others said that there is no evidence of collusion between the President of the United States with Russia. This story is stuffing information, and everyone knows it!”

Giving in April an interview with the Washington Examiner, trump declared: “the Story of Russia — fake. Have invented it”.

Meanwhile, the investigation continues, and nature becomes a criminal, as reported by senators who on Thursday informed the Deputy attorney General Rod Rosenstein (Rod J. Rosenstein).

Trump without any constraint expresses his opinion about the outcome of the investigation. During the election campaign, he encouraged his supporters when they chanted the slogan “Behind bars!”, the demand to condemn and put in jail candidate in presidents from Democratic party Hillary Clinton because during his tenure as Secretary of state she used in correspondence private server.

Trump carelessly puts forward very serious accusations against others. For example, he asserted without proof that President Obama organized the wiretapping in the trump Tower, which is illegal.

But perhaps the biggest danger for trump is to claim that in February, he asked the then Director of the FBI James Komi to stop the investigation into former national security adviser Michael Flynn. According to colleagues of the Komi Republic, he recorded these comments in a memo written immediately after the February meeting with trump in the oval office. And he very carefully prepared for meetings with trump, worried that the President-the businessman, who has political experience in Washington and legal expertise, can break the law and ethical standards.

Responding to a question about whether he had a conversation with Komi, trump abruptly denied it. “No. No, next question” — he told reporters Thursday at a press conference in the White house.

A senior administration official said the President as proposed independent investigation.

“This whole situation with Komi, it is quite another matter, — said Alan Baron (Alan I. Baron), who performed the duties of a special Prosecutor in the house of representatives in the impeachment proceedings against four Federal judges. — This may be treated as a criminal interference with the course of the investigation. Obstruction of justice”.

The resignation of Komi and the tendency of trump to discuss the issue to create new complications. In an interview after the resignation of Komi, trump said that by taking this decision, he thought about the investigation against Russia.

According to Baron, although trump has the right to freedom of speech under the First amendment, most lawyers strongly recommend that their clients not to say anything about cases to which they or related persons have a relationship.

“Trump would have a very difficult client, — said the Baron. — If I have someone imagine this person doesn’t need to say anything to anyone without consulting me. This is my first rule.”

“And if you are not able to control yourself, just tell me what kind of flowers to send to your funeral”, he added.

A powerful stream of headlines about the investigation against Russia largely generates itself a trump, which his administration is very difficult to switch attention to political issues.

Dismissing the Komi Republic as Director of the FBI, trump tweeted that the White house can be kept recordings of his conversations, and that he uses them to confirm his testimony about contacts with the Komi Republic.

The white house refuses to say he would trump conversations in the oval office. But his comments immediately provoked comparisons with President Richard Nixon — though, trump, instead of having to keep secret the existence of the records openly spoke about it, which he may in the future arise legal problems.

“Nixon was much smarter than Donald trump, and frankly, much better aware of the legal risks, said researcher the Miller center at the University of Virginia Ken Hughes (Ken Hughes). — I was amazed when the President, trump said that he may be kept records of meetings with the Director of the Komi, because it can be grounds for a lawsuit. These records will be considered evidence”.

“Nixon never openly threatened people for his records, as we understand that this may come back to haunt him,” added Hughes, among others, exploring issues of secret recordings that did American presidents.

According to Hughes, Nixon promised to cooperate with the investigation, although he was against the transfer of the records, but behind closed doors, resented the attempts to sabotage his administration.

Trump also expressed their grievances publicly and repeatedly claiming that the media and his democratic opponents treat him unfairly.

Meanwhile, aides to the President expect the forthcoming visit of the President abroad, since it will allow them to change the agenda and put it on a firmer basis. But with almost 30 million followers on Twitter, trump doesn’t want to give up the opportunity to fight with the news media and investigators. Using Twitter, he believes that this gives him the opportunity to break through the filters of leading mass media.

“Every morning, Donald trump needs to start with a tweet about what he will do in the afternoon to help Americans from the working class, said a strategist from the Republican party Alex Conant (Conant, Alex). But instead, he did his morning tweets clearly shows how much distracts him and the entire White house this story with Russia.”