The Iraqi army suspends a sweep West of Mosul

Iraqi security forces have decided to suspend the offensive in the Western part of Mosul due to the increased number of victims among the civilian population, Reuters reports with reference to the press attache of the Federal police.

“The recent high number of victims among the civilian population inside the Old city (West of Mosul — ed.) forced us to cease operation for revision of the plans,” said an unnamed press officer.

The military are going to revise their tactics and develop new operational plans.

We will remind, on Thursday in an air strike of the Western coalition have been killed 230 civilians in Mosul.

According to the UN, from mid-February, the victims of such raids were more than four thousand civilians. Another 22 thousand were injured.

In areas controlled by the rebels, remain up to six hundred thousand Iraqis. Humanitarian assistance, water, food there are not supplied. The UN and international experts believe it is a humanitarian disaster.

Mosul is the largest city in Northern Iraq and the unofficial capital of ISIS. The storming of Mosul by Iraqi forces, which now controls the Eastern part of the city, began in October 2016.

According to intelligence reports, in the Western blocks are still a few thousand extremists.