In London, arrested involved in the attack on the bridge

British police spent Monday at dawn a series of raids and arrested several people on suspicion of involvement in the attack in Central London, which killed seven people, writes the BBC.

The suspects were detained in the districts of nuem and Barking in London. According to the investigation, the detainees seized a large number of materials related to the perfect attack.

The police also said that it has identified the identity of three people that committed the attack – their names will be made public “as soon as it becomes available”.

The head of Scotland yard’s Cressida dick said that three terrorist attacks committed by Islamists in Britain over the past three months, have local roots and is not organized from abroad. She noted that the number of attacks, there are certainly “foreign” roots, but most threats is of local origin.

According to the head of the police investigation into the attacks in London, perpetrated in the night of Sunday, moves very quickly. During the investigation the police managed to obtain a large amount of data and evidence. Cressida dick also said that security in the British capital will be on duty reinforced police, and in the center of London at night on the bridges will be installed a special boom.

Earlier on Monday it became known the name of the first victims of the attack. According to police, this canadian Chrissy Archibald. Prior to this, the police did not name any of the seven dead. The Prime Minister of Canada Justin Trudeau said that one of victims – the citizen of Canada.

As reported by the family of the dead girl, she moved to Europe to be with my fiance. Before moving in Canada, her work was connected with the organization of shelters for homeless people. “We mourn the loss of our beautiful and loving daughter and sister […] She would never be able to understand the senseless cruelty that has become the cause of her death”, – said in a statement her family.

We will remind, on Saturday evening in Central London, the van, moving at high speed, drove over the sidewalk and hit several pedestrians. The van then drove across the bridge and stopped near the located near the bridge to borough market-market. Jumped out of it and men were attacked with knives on passers-by.

Police reported that the attackers were three, all of them were killed arrived at the scene by police. Eight armed police officers, according to the head of the counter-terrorism unit of Scotland yard Mark Rowley, has made 50 shots at the attackers, which were wearing fake suicide belts.

Responsibility for the attack on the people in London took on the extremist group “Islamic state”. This message jihadists circulated through the associated news Agency Amak. The police and the British authorities did not comment on the statement by the jihadists.

Earlier, the British police claimed to have identified the assailants, however, did not disclose their names. It was also reported that 12 people were arrested during the investigation.