China has deployed missile systems on Russia’s borders – media

China has deployed the newest Intercontinental ballistic missile, DF-41 (Dongfeng-41, DF-41) to the border with Russia’s North-Eastern Heilongjiang province. It is reported by Hong Kong newspaper Apple Daily, citing published on the Chinese Internet photos of the complex.

It is noted that China’s army will deploy a total of three teams with missiles, the DF-41. One of the teams is already in Xinyang in the Central province of Henan.

The second team was allegedly placed in the city of Daqing in Heilongjiang province. The third will be located in Xinjiang-Uighur region in Northwest China.

The range of these missiles can be up to 14 thousand kilometers.

Earlier also it was reported that the DPRK could build two Intercontinental ballistic missiles and placed them on mobile launchers.