House by surprise: how not to get a new apartment with old pipes or no

Apartment in new building, as the cat in the bag. Leaking balconies, thin walls, old pipes, cheap Windows and doors is only part of the surprises that may be waiting settlers. During the construction boom of Ukrainians willing to invest at the construction stage, especially without delving into the nuances of the internal structure of the house. Often the interest was limited to the quality of the finishing of his apartment: in-house communication and “filling” the walls of the attention, few people paid.

And, as time has shown — in vain: the flow of the joints on balconies and loggias, cold walls, poor quality materials, cheap window instead of the promised energy saving and broken communication — all of these problems the residents have to decide for yourself. But these problems — visible. The hidden and manifest itself in the first winter: the apartment is cold, and heating bills higher than in the Khrushchev.

How not to get trapped those who decided to invest in the construction? The answer is simple: choose a reliable Builder and to properly execute the documents when accepting the object.


Construction projects under development and approval comply with all regulations. Disorders usually begin during the construction phase, according to lawyers working with the claims of investors of new buildings. The reason is simple: the desire of developers to reduce costs and increase revenues. The quality of the materials will be purchased, depends on the conscience of the customer or the contractor and their relationship to the company’s reputation. And let negligence developers can, for two reasons: because of the ill-prescribed building codes and lack of customer experience investments. After all, people often don’t know what documents materials should be requested from the developer. But even if you found a problem after the purchase of the apartment, don’t give up and defend their rights. So, one of the capital buildings on the street borshchahivska was commissioned in 2003 and six years later it was discovered that the house laid the pipe unusable. As a result, in the apartment of the new settlers received water that did not comply with any sanitary standards. Outraged residents appealed to the lawyers. The trial lasted a year and a half, but the developer was ordered to replace the old unserviceable pipe for a new one.

The quality of work. Buyers who have no experience of investments, may be affected


There are many examples where tenants rented the house with broken communications and incomplete construction works. For example, one of the housing complexes near Kiev officially on the documents was commissioned, although at that time water was pumped from the well marked “for technical works” and power is supplied on a temporary basis, through an intermediary. And only after several months and dozens of complaints from residents, the situation was resolved. And in another LCD from home to the water supply hooked up only a year after the papers, he was commissioned!

“Winter we lived with no heat, warming the heaters because the house has installed individual gas boilers, and gas to residents are not connected, — says a resident of this LCD Valery Khomich. — In addition, the seams on the facades remained non-insulated”.

The industry is destroying the need for the setbacks and the desire to reduce the price any price

To solve the problem was also after numerous complaints from residents in all instances.
Such examples in the country — a lot, and the culprit is corruption and kickbacks. And if not that, at home, the Ukrainians would have been much better, sure the manufacturers of building materials.

“The basic materials of leading producers of Ukraine meet European standards of quality and efficiency, — said Ivan Salii, Chairman of the Association “Ukrainian Union of manufacturers of building materials and products”. But our industry is destroying the need for kickbacks, the desire unduly to reduce the price and the conscience of the foreman”.

Most of the buildings were built in the early 2000s, when one of the main objectives was speed of construction. Quality issues not all developers were a priority. When calculating the cost of housing to lay the money on the solution to the “issues paper” and for poor quality work was paying owners of the apartment. This was subsequently addressed problems: in the best case, the costs were limited to minor repairs — hanging of new Wallpaper, painting the walls. And in the worst case for construction defects, thin wall or window will have in the future to pay for heating poorly insulated construction consumes 50% more energy.


“With regard to the replacement of materials in new buildings: if the object has a Scam money, there is cheating and with building materials. And the more carry out the reforms that “facilitate” the construction, the greater the corruption, — said Ivan Salii. — The current economic situation forces developers to independently control the quality and materials and works”.

“Laboratories that conduct examination are very few, and not every investor can afford such an expensive pleasure afford — confirmed by the representative of the press service of the “Confederation of builders of Ukraine” Anna Kozunak. And much depends not only on building materials (in terms of manufacturing, storage conditions), but direct use during construction. Therefore, conscientious developers are monitoring this”.

“We work only with reliable suppliers and materials — for example, domestic use concrete, but imported plasters. But, unfortunately, the market really is careless builders who spoil the reputation of all participants in the industry” — says the developer of the Dnipro Sergey Savelyev.

With certain types of materials do cheat more complicated: for example, concrete, which guarantees the plant, resulting in the Foundation and walls of frame-monolithic houses with machines. But if you want, you can always find cheaper.

“There are often problems with external insulation instead of foam construction use one that is designed for packing, not for thermal insulation of buildings. But more often to save on window and door units, installing a thinner frame and regular glass is energy saving, — said Ivan Salii. My recommendation tenants — to negotiate high-quality materials. Adding only 20% to the price you will get plus 80% of efficiency”.

The Windows and doors. They often save the developers


From which built the house, test in the process of its construction is not so simple. It is not enough to get to the site you should also know what kind of materials incorporated in the project and whether they purchased. But in such conditions, to minimize the risks is still possible. Guided by the choice of new buildings have on the integrity and reputation of the Builder: with the fall of the demand for a primary some companies have begun to give buyers a warranty on the quality of construction materials and labor.

In addition, many developers after putting the house in operation continues to maintain it, creating his own housing Department. This can be an additional advantage of LCD, as in this case, the construction company is not profitable to leave any imperfections — because in the end she will have to fix them.

If there is any doubt in the quality of the materials used, they can dispel or confirm by ordering the construction and technical examination of the apartment. Verification of compliance of the constructed building to the project and the requirements of the building regulations will cost from 1,5 thousand UAH.

According gosstata in Ukraine now due to the population built 99.7% of housing. Therefore, buyers become more competent and begin to take control of the process of building a house in which they have invested their savings. Residents create condominiums, housing cooperatives, and then his representatives watching the process of construction of the house, located directly to the site.


The only document which indicates that the buyer is satisfied with the condition of the housing, — the act of acceptance-transfer of the apartment. If the investor nevertheless decided to adopt a residential building, in which was discovered the defects in the act should separately mention that the apartment is accepted with defects, and to clearly define the problems. The developer’s representative makes a note that he accepts is made “defective” act.

“Before the signing of the instrument of acceptance by the participant of share building, or the buyer during the inspection of the apartment may require the Builder or seller making the act, which specifies the mismatch of the property the terms of the contract, and to refuse to sign a deed of transfer until the satisfaction of the developer the requirements, — says Tatiana LiOH, lawyer, Director of UK “Liuh and partners.” From experience I can say that the disadvantages are usually liquidated in a reasonable, objectively necessary for their elimination period, which the buyer assigns the claim. This is the case, unless otherwise stipulated in the contract. If the developer is idle for a long time — you can go to court”.

It is important to know: the maximum warranty period during which the developer either independently or by transferring money to the operating organizations required to correct construction defects is ten years. You need to consider that the developer is not responsible for defects discovered after the warranty period — if you can prove that they are the result of normal wear and tear, violation of mandatory requirements for the operation process or were the result of improper repairs carried out by the landlord.

If the problem appeared after the warranty period, the purchaser may apply to the operating organization, a statement on the study of his apartment on the subject of establishing the fact of construction defects. For example, incorrect connection or functioning of the system of water supply, sanitation, heating, absence or incorrect operation of residential water meters and electricity, the installation of a common heating system instead of individual, etc. Also the owner of the apartment can directly contact the developer with the requirement to conduct a survey of the apartment and write a report.

The act of reception-transmission. You must specify all defects