“Took out a document bags”: Vorushilin told about the huge embezzlement in the Bank-bankrupt

Yulia Prikhodko, the liquidator of AktaBank that Geprokuraturoy suspected of bribe extortion in $ 5 million, intended to sell for the money a big batch of internal documents of the Bank. In complicity with her consisted of other officials from the team of the liquidator, including representatives of the security service. This was stated by the head of the Deposit guarantee Fund of individuals (fgvfl) Konstantin Vorushilin, writes “Business”.

“She connected to the case of other people, working to eliminate AktaBank, including that it involved the security service. Because it was large-scale theft of documents. From the Bank they took out literally bags. Two or three bags of papers,” explained Vorushylin.

According to him, the temporary administrator or liquidator, coming to an insolvent Bank independently chooses the staff that he wants to work. Therefore, the corruption risks are rather high, for which the Fund conducts periodic rotation of the liquidators, translating them from one Bank to another. At the end of may in a similar way changed the position 16 of the liquidators, their number and got Yulia Prikhodko in the liquidation of the Bank “Forum”.

“I don’t know what expected. She knew that she’s being transferred to a new place, that is, in AktaBank is sure to be the inventory, which she at such scale disappearance of documents simply would not have passed. And it’s doubly surprising because I personally thought Julia not a bad liquidator. But nevertheless she decided to do this business”, — says the head of the DGF.

He also noted that long before the detention Prikhodko, about the liquidators of the bankrupt banks had contact with him representatives of the security service.

“I came from “Department “To” and say: “As you look at the fact that we work according to your liquidators?” I said that very positive look. However personally I was expecting much news from a different place. But I think that the new business will not keep itself waiting long,” says Vorushylin.

He also noted that with the banks going bankrupt now employs more than 50 of liquidators (in the system Fund is now 93 Bank), and one Commissioner can manage multiple financial institutions.

Yulia Prikhodko, detained on June 7 in the office AktaBank. The state office of public Prosecutor imputes to her extortion $ 5 million from a former Chairman of the Board of the Bank Igor Shestopal.

According to the materials of the case, initially, the government demanded that the former head of the Bank $ 6 million in exchange for promising to give him the contract, AktaBank with depositors and borrowers, prisoners in 2014. The originals were kept in the apartment of the suspect — the Prosecutor’s office seized them during the search.

The court found the suspicions brought Prikhodko Prosecutor’s office, justified by assigning the security Deposit of UAH 130 million, although the investigator was about UAH 200 million. For its part, the defense official insists on a single argument — guilt Prikhodko has not yet been obvious, since during the detention of such money at it was found.

Under arrest Prikhodko will stay at least until 4 August. She threatens till 12 years of imprisonment.