Weather forecast: the weekend the Ukrainians showers and thunderstorms

In almost all regions forecasters predict the rains, sometimes with thunderstorms. Air temperature is also slightly lower.

Saturday-Sunday in the Central regions of the country Ukrgidromettsentr predicts rain and thunderstorms. The day temperature is 8-15 degrees Celsius, night — 6-8 degrees.

In the West country in the afternoon air will get warm up to 17 degrees Celsius, but nights are a little warmer — 8-10 degrees Celsius. Rain is expected with thunderstorms.

Will not exceed 17 degrees Celsius temperature, and in the Eastern regions, and on Saturday in the Lugansk and Donetsk regions, too, will pass rains, and in some places even thunderstorms.

In the South, clear weather is going to be only in the Zaporozhye region — Odessa, Mykolaiv, Kherson regions will be cloudy on Sunday, forecasters expect precipitation. The air warms up to 15-17 degrees in the afternoon.

In the Northern areas during the weekend will be cloudy, and on Saturday and Sunday will pass rains with thunderstorms. The day temperature is 14-18 degrees Celsius. Night — 6-8 degrees above zero.