“We have to live with the residual risk”

Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung: do You Think it’s right that the game was immediately scheduled for the following day?

Helmut Span: Yes. Terrorist attacks, from whom they had not proceeded against us, against our freedom, against our society. If we break down, we will do exactly what we expect from these criminals. But you always need to weigh everything. If were killed, it would place no play.

— It’s not exactly new that the athletes come to the attention of the terrorists. However, there is a feeling that the attack on the bus, almost on the very team reach another level.

— Of course, there is a feeling that the terror is coming nearer. International meeting in Paris, the abolition of matches in Hanover and Berlin, and now affected the team in the Bundesliga. Here you can understand that the common fan, the common citizen thinks that terror got to the very door of our house. However, if you look at the statistics, we now live in the safest time with regard to the terrorist threat and the number of victims, especially in Europe. What’s different is the media attention. Here football you have to pay for their excessive popularity. It is also the goal of terrorists and criminals.

— Do You have information that athletes started to get into the field of vision, for example, Islamist terrorists?

— Just for terrorists it is important to have the most worthwhile goal. Those that attract attention, which have been extensively reported in the media, which induce fear in the population. Of course, it’s everyone in the public eye, there are also athletes.

— To a greater extent than before?

— For this reason there is no accurate data. Perhaps the feeling is since the sport has repeatedly been the target. However, this was in the past. Not necessarily in Europe, but anywhere else.

— How safe is this bus to transport the team?

— I don’t know which bus goes to the team “Borussia Dortmund”. But in General, I assume that, in principle, this is a very ordinary coaches.

— Greater equipment security?

Yes. During the world Cup in 2006, or at the other matches after it was used by coaches, which were provided by the sponsors. Well-equipped, luxurious bus, but without special equipment for safety.

But the buses have a high symbolic value, because the German team after the terrorist attacks in Paris deliberately left the Stade de France is not on its own bus.

— In that situation it was the right and logical decision. But we can’t now start talking about the fact that now teams can only travel in armored buses.

— Not worth taking into account the security situation in Russia to re-consider sending athletes to the confederations Cup and the world Cup?

— Now we have to first analyze all the facts and not to miss with a target definition. It is often the case that when something happens, put forward various requirements. I do not advocate this. For me, most importantly, what we risk, how to bring it to a minimum and which is then, after objective study of the situation, serious and really doable?

— But in General the theme of safety in Russia after all will be to play an even greater role?

— The issue of security in the past stood at the top of the agenda, no matter whether in Brazil, South Africa or also here in Germany. But it is essential that we organized sporting events, and so it should be in the future. Security measures should be designed so that they reached the highest level, but also so that, with all the fun and joy would visit such events. This should be a challenge.

— What would it mean specifically for future large events?

— You’ve got to wait. No one knows how it will look in the international situation after three or four years. The Syrian conflict, the United States ‘ attack, the reaction of Russia and North Korea, and possibly Iran — all of which can play a role when five years in Qatar in the middle East will be held. But it would be premature today to do the forecasts. Necessary, as it is nice talking to police, to live in this situation and anticipate events.

— Correct, if judged overall, was a reaction to the Paris attacks have changed the security situation? Before the European championship last year, You sharply criticized the French service.

— I think in Germany reacted properly and professionally. I did not criticize the French service specifically for protection from attacks or to take preventive measures, and because of their somewhat aloof position in regard to international cooperation. I think there is only one chance to aggressively solve the long term problem of terrorism, and if it will be implemented trust-based cooperation at the international level. There is a long structure, which in France is not addressed.

When you visit Bundesliga games, I notice that the control is carried out somewhat more carefully. But this sense of security soon.

The question is, from what I understand. Are we still talking about the game of football. Take Dortmund, completely sold out seats in the stadium of 80 thousand people at the games in the Bundesliga, more than 60 thousand at the games for the European Cup. To let them in for an hour or hour and a half to the stadium is possible, of course, only with a specific safety standard. However, it is commensurate with the fact that it is possible to do extremely high. Here we certainly are leaders in the international level. If however sweeps, for example, pyrotechnics, there is speculation that it could be another substance. This residual risk should be kept to a minimum, have yet to live — otherwise there will be no more football matches.