The government of Temer breaks

Granted, Lesli Batista (Batista Joesley) record robs President Michel Temer those few forces which he combined to run the country.

In normal conditions such an event could be for the government to blow, able to shatter the power of the current President and start impeachment proceedings. Because Brazil it’s already passed stage, and Michel Temer is not a full-fledged President, disclosure of confidential information by the head of the Brazilian holding company J&F Lesli Batista could mean the beginning of the end of the government, which has been in power for nearly a year. President Temer — never achieved the popularity in their country, alarmed by the denunciations of his accused under the anti-corruption operation “car Wash” and at risk of losing the mandate as a result of judicial process, the Supreme electoral Tribunal (TSE) has lasted so far through the joint actions of the political forces who preferred the status quo to the uncertainty of the crisis. Now, however, to hold this fragile group support becomes increasingly difficult.

Lesli, has provided strong evidence of guilt of Temer. He recorded the conversation, in the course of which he informed the Temer of the financial support provided by the two arrested in the case of “car Wash”; Temer confirmed the importance of preserving these benefits. Then, Lesli appealed to the President for help for one of the enterprise. Temer said on the Deputy Rodrigo Rocha Loures (Rodrigo Rocha Loures) from the PMDB. Rocha Loures, the closest ally of Temer, until March, was in the position of Advisor to the President. After a number of meetings Rocha Loures appointed Lesli weekly payments in the amount of 500 thousand U.S. dollars. The transfer of part of the money in cash was captured on camera by the police. In the result, we have rather convincing evidence that the President may well have committed a crime.

Up until now, Temer were not involved in operation “car Wash”, because, according to the law, the President can be prosecuted only for acts committed during his tenure. In the denunciations appeared action Temer as Vice-President. However, the latest disclosure suggests that a criminal act was committed to them as President.


Under normal conditions, the new data would lead to the opening of another impeachment process, now against Temer. But Brazil is far from a normal situation. The circumstances are clearly not in favor of Temer. 6, 7 and 8 June the Supreme electoral Tribunal (TSE) of Brazil meets to review cases of violations during the election campaign, Dilma and Temer in 2014. Evidence that both were elected with the active funding of “black cash” Odebrecht rife. Meanwhile, all pointed to the fact that Dilma faces an even more severe punishment — the loss of political rights for the next eight years. The Temer was a chance to get small scratches. But the denunciation of Lesli was a serious shock, which is the power to change the situation. The trial TSE here is a short cut to dismissal.


The current situation of the government as follows: eight Ministers are under investigation as part of operation “car Wash”, suspected of involvement in corruption with the participation of Odebrecht. Of these eight, two are direct advisors and longtime friends of Temer. Now got myself President Michel Temer. Is quite a bleak picture infirm, not able to carry out their functions of government. In our state it is not able to conduct even the most basic negotiations on voting in Congress. It is obvious that labor reform and social security reform come to a standstill. In recent weeks Temer went to a number of concessions to allies to gain support for the pension reform. In changed during the last hours of conditions the President can no longer afford to operate as before. In the end, who will agree to vote for the unpopular reforms that can take away the voice of voters in 2018, in exchange for some promises of Temer at risk of losing power? Consensus on this issue. In the next few days deputies and senators will be much to discuss on the sidelines and very little in the public space. Conditions that develop in Brazil, normal as you can get.