Migration policy trump’s impact on the Ukrainians

The decree of the President of the United States Donald trump about the “extreme selection” of migrants continue to actively discuss both worldwide and in our country. “Today,” found out what constraints threaten our migrant workers.

PITFALLS. We will remind, on Friday, trump signed a decree that prohibits entry into the US for 90 days to citizens of Iran, Iraq, Yemen, Libya, Syria, Somalia and the Sudan, prohibits indefinitely the admission of refugees from Syria and suspends the reception of refugees from other countries for 120 days. Thus, in the next three months to gain refugee status (and even file the papers for it) neither can the Ukrainians. “We do not consider applications for refugee status. We also do not have the ability to provide advice and answer questions on this subject,” said the U.S. Embassy in Ukraine.

THE PERSONAL MEETING. More bad news for Ukrainian travelers — decree trump abolished the Visa Interview Waiver Program. This means that if before, when you reopen visas for tourists and businessmen could not pass the interview, the personal presence is necessary in any case. “The number of refusals in issuance of us visas to Ukrainians has increased over last year by about 40%. But the statistics are hard workers spoils the influx of illegals in recent years, fake data in the questionnaire,” — says travel expert Alexei Gavrilyuk.

There is a danger for legal labour migrants. “We want to produce things in America and we want to use the labor of American workers,” said trump. Even before the inauguration, he promised to stop the abuse of the visa programs and to support American workers. Some Ukrainians get a work visa in the old country — at the request of your employer in the United States. “But most come to America on a regular visa and is already in place finds a job and renew the visa for working. They may affect the tightening of the visa policy,” explains Gavrylyuk.

“JUST THE BEGINNING”. According to experts, while the decrees of the trump does not have much impact on the Ukrainians. “The U.S. is not popular among Ukrainian refugees. The most negative consequences will have a decree banning officials to lobby for U.S. interests of foreign governments and a five-year ban on other types of lobbying. For Ukraine, this means the weakening of the influence, although remain informal contacts,” — said analyst Andrew Buzarov. And according to his colleagues Vadim Karasev, the current decrees trump is only the first swallows: “Now is an aggressive migration policy against seven Muslim countries, but sooner or later the US may be sent against Ukraine. Now the efforts of America aimed at the closure boundaries, both territorial and political”.

Under the impact of the pilots and passengers

The scandal around the ban on entry into the United States to citizens of seven Muslim countries is gaining momentum: the airlines had to revise the composition of its employees, serving destinations in the United States. For example, Emirates airline took flight with pilots and flight attendants with citizenship in Iran, Iraq, Libya, Syria, Somalia, Yemen and Sudan. Etihad Airways said that while the problems with the crews they have not yet, but in the future the intricacies of the new migration policy, they are already taken into account. In aviakompanii EgyptAir has also decided to play it safe: because of the unclear interpretation of the decree, the carrier sends advance in the United States passenger lists for approval. “Unwanted passengers” were already forced to remove American flights around the world. For example, according to Air France-KLM, only for the weekend they had more than 20 such passengers.