The trial of the executioners

May 18 throughout Ukraine, including annexed Crimea, and also in many countries of the world were held actions in memory of victims of Stalin’s deportation of the Crimean Tatar people. It is important to realize the tragedy was the adoption 12 November 2015 the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine of the decision that the deportation of the Crimean Tatars in 1944 a genocide is recognized.

On that day, heard eulogies, arranged rallies and support marches. In the occupied Crimea, commemorated the victims with a minute of silence. Crimean Tatars in the occupied Crimea out of their homes to say the memorial prayer. As in all Orthodox churches of the Kyiv Patriarchate in Ukraine, the bells rang as a sign of support of the Crimean Tatar people. Touching? Of course. This expression of solidarity says about the unbreakable spirit of the Crimean Tatar and Ukrainian peoples. But while the murderers are not punished, the victims can’t rest in peace. It is from the Ukraine and the Ukrainian people depends, will there be a trial of the executioners.

In 1944 the indigenous people of the Crimea were deported from the Peninsula. 180 thousand people were loaded into cattle cars and sent into exile. Crimean Tatars deported from the Crimea, and in accordance with the results of “criminal proceedings”. Together with the Soviet army entered the Crimea hundreds of Soviet prosecutors in order to start the repression against the people, just liberated from the occupation. Their hands were concocted “the case of the people-the traitor.” The Stalinist regime not just sent the Crimean Tatar people to death. He accused him of a crime that never happened. Why? Well, at least because justice is always personalized. It not only determines the fact of crime, but also clearly establishes the perpetrators. Name. Not a plus or minus 200 thousand people.

When the advocates of Stalinism tell us about “crimes of the Crimean Tatars in the period of Nazi occupation of the Crimea”, they are lying. The deception is that instead of a proven crime and named the names of “criminals” we are invited to believe in the guilt of all people: women, infants, the elderly and even those who fought in the ranks of the red army.

In October 2016 recreated in Kiev, the Crimean Prosecutor’s office opened criminal proceedings on the fact of the forced resettlement in 1944 of the Crimean Tatar people and representatives of other peoples from the territory of the Crimean ASSR. Currently being a demographic examination in order to determine the exact number of victims. According to investigators, in the result of forced deportation killed a quarter of the Crimean Tatar people. The figures are monstrous. For comparison, the Holodomor took the lives of 12% of Ukrainians and the Second world war — 16% of the population of the then Soviet Union. Today, the queries of the Ukrainian prosecutors, the Russian state-the occupier is responsible that at the time of transport of the Crimean Tatars in the places of their deportation in each train station, they were provided with hot showers, sanitary facilities, rest and food. Why the Russian authorities are trying to whitewash the crimes of Stalinism, more or less clear. But the Ukrainian investigation, there are a lot of questions.

Suspected of committing a crime in the Ukrainian investigation are Stalin, Beria, Molotov, Voroshilov and other members of the Politburo that made the decision on deportation. Under the Criminal code, in the case that criminals are dead, the investigator is required to close a criminal case. In other words, no court will not. In any case, will not be the trial of the Stalinist regime at the initiative of the Prosecutor’s office.

The matter of the investigation of the deportation of Crimean Tatars in 1944 is reminiscent of a criminal case on the Holodomor. 22 may 2009 the Main investigation Department of the SBU opened the case against “a number of Soviet and party leaders of the USSR and the Ukrainian SSR on the mass famine of 1932-1933 in Ukraine”. December 25, 2009, the investigation was initiated a new criminal case against Stalin, Molotov, Kaganovich, and others.

31 Dec 2009 the case was transferred to the Kyiv court of Appeals as “subject to closure”. The court has spent on the case just a few hours, confirmed the findings of the investigators of the SBU about the organization on the territory of the USSR of genocide against the Ukrainian national group, i.e. artificially creating conditions of life calculated to bring about its partial physical destruction. The court stated that the accused had committed the crime imputed to them, and closed the criminal case in connection with their deaths.

Instead look for more survivors of the executioners, and they were not few, we are invited to be satisfied with the results of the investigation, where Stalin accomplices will be named guilty. And Soviet prosecutors, the NKVD, the leadership of districts that brought the exiles? But what are they? We learn their names?

Another controversial issue is the rights of victims. The deportation case was initiated on the request of the 160 victims. Personalization of victims is important. But here it should be recalled that the decision on deportation in 1944 was taken on the basis of “prosecutorial investigation”. The accused were all the people. In this case we are talking not only about a cynical disregard for individual rights, but collective rights of the Crimean Tatar people. Do not forget that crimes have been committed by the regime. So was as customers, leaders, witnesses, “victims” and ordinary performers. The Ukrainian state, defending the Crimean Tatar people must not blame only the deceased Stalin, but he created the regime, the criminal system, as well as the ideology of the state executioner. Just so and not otherwise.

The Stalinist regime committed a crime against the people, against the whole Ukrainian nation, against the state of Ukraine, to which innocent victims cry out for justice. We need a Nuremberg — the trial of the regime, its ideology and methods. We need a judicial process in which the Bolshevik occupation of Ukraine, collectivization, famine, deportation of the Crimean Tatars, the deportation of Ukrainians, and the hunt for the UPA, the repressions against the Ukrainian intelligentsia will be part of a large-scale allegations against the chief culprit of the Soviet state-executioner.

Ukraine can and must become the Communist ideology with what Israel has become to the ideology of Nazism by the Prosecutor, the judge and the witness, which does not allow the world to forget and forgive. By and large, this is our common historical mission. The deportation case has to end in court, not just the establishment of a handful of leaders. Because this court will be the Foundation for the de-Sovietization of Ukraine.