Young, ferocious and unpredictable. What are the pros and cons of the Russians?

A new, young, in recent years, without leaders, but rather unpredictable — all this Russian team, which will compete with the Czech team in the quarterfinals of the world hockey championship.

In the national team anymore Kovalchuk, Radulov and Datsyuk. No national team players, which for many years relied a strict coach Oleg Znarok. Missing and the brightest star: the eightfold winner of the world Cup Alexander Ovechkin did not attend this championship due to injury (for the first time since 2009).

But apparently the Russians do not interfere. Bronze medalists of the recent Russian championship found a new fulcrum. The core team is composed of players of the Russian KHL. Trio from St. Petersburg, Vadim Shipachyov, and dadonov Gusev already exceeds the highest Russian level. Shipachev recently signed a lucrative contract with “Las Vegas”, and dadonov will probably follow his example. But success comes to all three. Vadim shipachyov is the best passer of the championship. “We want to prove that we are not players of the second category,” said Shipachev at the beginning of the tournament.

However, the leader of the attack is Artemiy Panarin. This wizard accurate transmission with razor-sharp technique has kept Chicago in the form and in the championship is the brain of a popular Russian game in the majority. Together with Nikita by Kucerova they — the main weapon of the team znaroka. For “Tampa” he scored 40 goals. But, more importantly, he is a specialist in victories in games of the playoffs.

Kucherov had a great season in the NHL. At the age of 23, he took from Ovechkin in the title of the best Russian sniper.

The attack has traditionally been the most powerful weapon of the Russians. But now it was just a cluster of stars. Telegin, Andronov, and carpenters know how to seriously complicate the game of the strongest players of the opposing team. In addition, in good shape and the goalkeeper number one Vasilevsky.

Cons the team of Russians can be found in defense. As in the Czech team, stars of a world scale there is not found. The errors of the defenders concerned about znaroka.

However, it is worth to mention defender Ivan provorova, occasionally strident. Two years ago in the draft authoritative hockey scout and former General Manager of the Calgary Flames Craig Button has compared this player with the talent of Niklas Lindstrom. However, before the Swedish legends Provorova still far off, but he impressed this year in Philadelphia with their attacking maneuvers. In his 20 years he is already the locomotive of the Russian defense.

But have no fear. “In preparation we played with them on equal terms, and the team they have not changed much because many stars came from overseas,” — said the Czech striker Michal, Rzepin.

In addition, as to defeat the Russians, suggested during the last game in the group the young Americans. Speed, frequent attacks and the ferocity has helped them to defeat before the invincible team. The Americans did not allow Russian attacking maneuvers have given them a game and so at the end of the game in Russian again began to take the nerves. Star Kuznetsova was removed twice, and the Americans battled back.

If I can win against the favorites and the Czechs?