Whether Donald trump subjected to impeachment?

It was a week of political unrest in Washington, as President, Donald trump is faced with the consequences of what he had shared secret intelligence with the Russian officials.

Legislators of the Democratic party, calling for the impeachment against the President, trump — but is it possible? And how he, in General, likely?

It is with such issues, the news Service of ABC Corporation appealed to the Jonathan Carli (Jonathan Turley), law Professor of George Washington University.

Professor Tarle 20 years ago testified at the hearings regarding the impeachment against bill Clinton, and, in addition, he was the chief defense attorney in the proceedings in the case of a Federal judge.

What is, in fact, the impeachment?

Impeachment is the process by which Congress can press charges in criminal offences against the incumbent, and then to conduct the procedure of removal from office.

This requires to obtain the majority of votes in the House of representatives, and if the whole procedure is successful, then the President may be removed from his post.

In American history two presidents were impeached — Andrew Johnson and bill Clinton, were both acquitted.

As you know, President Richard Nixon was threatened with impeachment in the 1970-ies in connection with the Watergate scandal, but he resigned before it started.

However, the United States Constitution was designed to do extremely complicated process for the removal of the President from office, said the Professor, Tarli. “(The system) provides an opportunity for the President to make unpopular decisions — and if Lincoln had acted within the framework of the parliamentary system, he would not be able to successfully end the civil war,” he said.

“Impeachment requires a very careful and cautious attitude, and history has shown that both Chambers of Congress to leave this procedure in the most extreme case”.

Can the impeachment to be used against trump?

In a nutshell, yet.

Mr. trump could cause so much controversy, how much he wants, while he is in office, and only a very serious violation of the law may lead to impeachment.

“The use of the procedure of impeachment need to be done is very reprehensible act,” emphasizes Professor Tarle.

Ultimately, Mr. trump submitted to the decisions of the courts against his ban on entry into the country for certain groups of foreigners and about the cities of asylum (sanctuary cities).

“Trump had the right to dismiss (James) Komi Republic. None of his actions can’t be correct, but they were all legitimate,” said Professor Tarle.

But if the President does not obey the decision of the Supreme court, then, according to Professor Carli, it will cause a constitutional crisis and create the basis for impeachment.

But why so many people are calling for impeachment?

The voices of the members of the Democratic party, calling for the impeachment, has intensified since Monday. They were joined by other people, including Bob Baer (Bob Baer), a former CIA field agent involved in the Middle East.

“It is not suitable for this post for so many reasons, and he definitely does not understand that the Ministry of justice should be independent, like the FBI,” said Baer in an interview with programmes The World Today.

“What other opportunities exist, except impeachment?”

Professor Carli considers calling for impeachment is wrong.

“Part of the problem is that many people think the impeachment method of finishing the presidency, which they perceive as catastrophic — but this procedure is not designed for this purpose and cannot be used for these purposes”, — he said.

“In Washington today there is a trend that we in Virginia call the “hunting fever. This happens when the hunters begin to shoot at everything that moves, and we see something similar in some of the sounding calls. In fact, we have not yet reached the respective limit, what would hope either fed people on this matter,” said Tarli.

However, Mr. trump has become the target of critical attacks about hypocrisy in his comments made in connection with the arisen even before the election, the controversy over e-mail, Hillary Clinton.