20-year-old transgender from Britain and became the country’s first pregnant man

20-the summer inhabitant of Britain, Hayden Cross, who changed sex from male to female, announced her pregnancy, reports the Mirror.

According to the newspaper, Hayden said that is the first in the country a man caught in the situation. At the same time, the publication explains that physiologically Cross still remains the woman that allowed him to conceive a child.

The Briton is now in the fourth month of pregnancy. It is noted that it will become a single parent because the child was conceived by sperm donor, whom he found via Facebook.

Cross decided to change the floor even at the age of 17 and for three years he took hormones as needed and even made a passport, which shows have a new gender identity.

Hayden decided to slow down the process of sex change, as he realized that he wanted to have a baby.

“Pregnancy is very feminine. And contrary to how I feel about your body. But I wanted a baby now to complete the process of changing sex at a young age,” said a transgender.

According to him, after the baby is born it will finish the process of gender reassignment, by removing the Breasts and ovaries.