Ukraine’s accession to NATO is impossible Ischinger YES

Ukraine’s accession to NATO cannot continue until the cessation of hostilities in the Donbass, said the Chairman of the Munich security conference, senior Professor, school of management herti, member of the Board of YES, Wolfgang Ischinger.

“I don’t see on the horizon any chance that all NATO members voted in favor of Ukraine’s accession – no chance while in your country the sound of the shots. Sorry, but it’s true. People will be scared, directly or indirectly, will become parties to the conflict,” he said at the 14th Annual meeting of the Yalta European Strategy (YES), organized by the Victor Pinchuk Foundation.

Wolfgang Ischinger added that the time for candidate countries to join NATO was developed as a simple test, which Ukraine can try yourself.

“We have developed a three-step test. The first question – we are confident that a candidate country is United in the desire to become a NATO member, there is a risk that NATO membership will divide this country. The second believe that the members of NATO consensus that all is well. The third and key – or we are sure that the invitation of that country will strengthen the European and Euro-Atlantic security,” he said.

According to Wolfgang Ischinger, this pass the test until you succeed.

“If you’d applied this test to the Ukraine, you would not get three positive response. Perhaps you would have received two question marks. If now NATO members to offer to seriously consider the issue of Ukraine’s accession to the Alliance in the coming months, or years – there would be no unity. Of course, the key problem is the conflict, it would have pushed many NATO members to say: if we take Ukraine, you get problems with Russia! “–he concluded.

In turn, Arseniy Yatsenyuk said: “let’s Try to do this test. The first supports the Ukrainian society of joining NATO? Yes! According to the latest polls the vast majority supports the accession to NATO, and to reach 100% on any issue in the world – it is impossible. Second question – this will bring additional stability and security of NATO members? The answer is Yes! Ukraine improved the condition of his troops, Ukraine is the only country in the world that has kept the regular troops of the Russian Federation. We fight for your independence and your safety, ” he said.

Ex-Prime Minister of Ukraine noted that to say that with the admission of Ukraine into NATO, the Alliance will have problems with Russia – is incorrect. “Dear, you already have problems! They interfere in your elections, they bribe journalists and politicians who shot down MH-17, conduct cyber-attacks. In your best interest to accept Ukraine in NATO – the more we are, the stronger!”, he said.

Earlier, during a speech to YES President Petro Poroshenko has said that Ukraine has become a shield for Europe, and paying a high price for joining the European community.

Yalta European strategy (Yalta European Strategy, abbreviated as YES forum) is an annual conference organized by the Victor Pinchuk Foundation.

The conference gathers the most influential politicians and businessmen of Ukraine and the world, it has been held annually since 2004.


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The aim of the conference is the development of Ukraine and its European future, as well as establishing international ties.

The founder of the Yalta European strategy, Victor Pinchuk, a prominent Ukrainian businessman and philanthropist.