Patriot missiles in the Baltics?

The U.S. armed forces consider the possibility of temporary accommodation in the Baltics batteries of air-defense missiles Patriot, the Agency reports AFP referring to sources in the US army.

It is also necessary to strengthen the capability of allied forces, and to perform the functions of deterrence of aggression, because this fall is expected a large-scale Russian-Belarusian military exercises “West-2017”. For these exercises, the Lithuanian defense Minister raymondas Karoblis expressed that this year they will be simulated attack on NATO. “It’s not for a defensive situation, it’s probably a simulated attack on NATO, specifically: the Baltic States and possibly Poland. Yeah, this is evidenced by intelligence — and our allies,” — said the head of the military Department of Lithuania.

AFP on the possible deployment of missiles and NATO military exercises in Lithuania informs, referring to sources in Armed forces of the United States. The message appeared at a time when Lithuania was the Minister of defence of the USA James Mattis. LA asked about the possible deployment of Patriot missiles to the U.S. Embassy in Riga. A written response was vague, and this may indicate that such plans are indeed being addressed. “In early July, US army in Europe and its coalition partners, NATO will hold large-scale exercise of air defence in the whole of Europe with the participation of many member States of the Alliance, including Lithuania. The purpose of these annual and regular exercise — strengthening the capacity of cooperation between NATO allies,” — said the Department, the U.S. Embassy’s press and culture. Recall that near the Baltic States, Russia in its Western military district deployed system anti-aircraft missiles s-300 and s-400 which are the same as the American Patriot, you can easily move.

Positively the possible deployment of Patriot missile systems in Latvia, assesses the former Minister of defence, member of European Parliament Artis Pabriks, who in his time called allies to take this step. “Now the understanding in the country regarding the needs of the defense has improved. Remember when he was Minister of defense I had to fight for every 100,000 euros, the Parliament did not understand, and the ex-President of Latvia Andris Berzins was not” — said Pabriks. He explained that the air defense is exactly the point on which you must focus.

State Secretary of the Ministry of defence of Latvia Janis Garisons to a hypothetical question about how much is the cost of the air defense system of medium-range around Riga, said that a sum of nearly € 150 million. Currently, the division air defense operates on the base of National armed forces of Latvia in Lielvarde. In Riga the main garrison, the 17th militia battalion is a battalion of air defence, he is stationed not far from the airport “Riga”. Until October of next year in Latgale is created a division of professional military service with powers of defense.

“We can’t afford missile complexes Patriot, they can’t afford none of the Baltic States, so I’ll be very happy if our allies will place them with us. Military exercises “West-2017″ is a major reason for the strengthening of the abilities of deterring aggression”, — said Mr Pabriks. Now Latvia in the sphere of antiaircraft defense must be purchased at least Stinger missile system that our state can afford.

Russia on reports of Patriot missiles in the Baltic States reacted aggressively. One example of this published by the propaganda channel of the Russian defense Ministry “Zvezda” misinformation news that the Baltic States will become a nuclear state and will have the opportunity to use American nuclear weapons. For such claims for no reason. “Star” quoted the Deputy Director of the CIS Institute, Vladimir Yevseyev, who laments the violation of the Treaty on the nonproliferation of nuclear weapons.

Pabriks reminded that NATO has three nuclear powers — the United States, the United Kingdom and France. 5-th paragraph of the NATO Treaty provides for the use in defensive purposes, including nuclear weapons, however, the decision in such a theoretical situation would be to take the nuclear powers, not other members of the Alliance, in which such weapons are located.