Bloomberg (USA): Russian Ministry of health approves a cure for coronavirus “Aviewer”

Drug created on the basis of the Japanese antiviral drug “Avigan”.

— Russian investment Fund is testing the drug in conjunction with the company Chemrar.

The Russian Ministry of health has issued a temporary registration certificate in the country’s first cure covid-19, which is created on the basis of Japanese antiviral drug “Avigan”. About this in his statement, said the Russian direct investment Fund.

The spread of the coronavirus continues and the pandemic radically changed the economy and life in many countries. Therefore, pharmaceutical companies in an emergency order developing drugs and a vaccine against the new coronavirus. “Aviewer”, created by a joint venture of the Russian direct investment Fund and the company “Chemrar”, a drug that violate the the mechanisms of propagation of the coronavirus and shown to be effective in clinical trials.

International research organization dedicated to the study of this medication and urged to proceed with caution, joining scientists from around the world who are trying not to jump to conclusions about the effectiveness of a new drug until it has passed a thorough inspection. However, the head of the Russian investment Fund said that it may be a real breakthrough.

“”Avidavit” is not only the first antiviral drug that was against coronavirus in Russia, but perhaps the most promising cure against covid-19 in the world, said on Saturday evening the head of the Russian direct investment Fund Kirill Dmitriev. — It was developed and tested in clinical trials in Russia in record time that allowed him to become the first registered vehicle on the basis of “Favipiravir” in the world”.

“Aviewer” created on the basis of the preparation of the Corporation “of FujiFilm” “Avigan”. “Avigan”, according to the results held in March in China by random sampling of studies showed that it is faster cleanses the body from the virus than when using HIV drugs. The production of this drug are planning to engage companies from around the world, as “Glenmark Pharmaceuticals” (Glenmark Pharmaceuticals) is currently undertaking in India the third phase of clinical trials that can be completed in July.

The lead researcher of the Japanese antiviral drug “Avigan” Yohei DOI (Doi Yohei), who conducted his trials in the treatment of covid-19, said it is too early to draw conclusions about how valid this medicine or not, the test is not yet finished.

According to the research center at Johns Hopkins University, Russia is in third place in the world in the number of cases covid-19. On Sunday, the number of infected people there exceeded 405 000 people. However, mortality in Russia is quite low, at 693 4 dead, which is very small for such a big country.