Today Russia is doing everything to drive a wedge between Ukraine and Poland – Inferno

Ambassador extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the Republic of Poland in Ukraine Jan Pieklo believes that the Polish and the Ukrainian government understand that “in any case we must not quarrel”, and need to work together to resist Russian aggression and propaganda. He declared it in interview to the newspaper “Day”, reports “Ukrainian truth”.

So the Ambassador commented on the statement of the leader of “Law and Justice” Jaroslaw Kaczynski, who said recently that, geroiziruya Bandera, Ukraine can never join the European community.

“I think, in Poland and in Ukraine such statements are based on primarily from domestic political considerations than the interests of Ukrainian-Polish relations… There are anti-Ukrainian minded people in Poland, who thus work for the electorate. In these circumstances, it is important that our two countries has continued communication,” he said.

“History is history, and the future is the future,” said Inferno, adding that both the Polish and the Ukrainian government understand that “in any case we must not quarrel”.
Inferno also commented on the Volyn tragedy.

“Such a process (“apologize and forgive”. – Ed.) we had with the Germans: letters of apology to each other. I know that members from our both sides also wrote such letters to each other, and I thought the process went. But, unfortunately, there is Russia, which wants to embroil us, and is doing everything possible for that,” he said.

In addition, according to the Ambassador, the recent acts of vandalism that took place in ghouta penyatskoy and historical memorial reserve “bykivnya graves”, was arranged in order to “break us up”.

Yan Thick also commented on the incident with the burning of Ukrainian flag during a March in Warsaw in the summer and in December last year in Przemysl.

“If you did a pole, it works not on Poland, and on some other interest… Recently someone hung a portrait of Bandera at the us Embassy. And again film. Russia understands that social media for them is the best weapon that can be. It progresses from social networks into the mainstream… And this is a problem that Russia achieves what he wants.

According to the Ambassador, it would be good to organize a group of journalists from Polish and Ukrainian sides, with experience in investigations to work on these incidents of provocations and fakes and based on that wrote the article.
“First, it would show that we work together on fakes.

And, secondly, the article would be worth to publish in reputable journals on both sides — for example, “Rech Pospolita” in Poland, the newspaper “Day” in Ukraine, and thereby show that our quarrel is not true,” the Ambassador said.

As reported, on 6 February, the Chairman of the ruling party of Poland “law and Justice” Yaroslav Kachinsky in interview to the edition Do Rzeczy said that the glorification of Stepan Bandera in Ukraine can prevent the European integration aspirations of Ukraine.