The Russians appreciated the Ukrainian tank

Serious studies the most objective assessment of the characteristics of military equipment is the view of the enemy, but not necessarily serious, credible and not mongrels podzabornaya.

So, commenting on the recent statement of the Ukrainian tank, who first took part in the tank biathlon armies of the NATO countries, the Russian “Zvezda” (mongrel podzabornaya) reported: “the result of several days of competitions Ukrainian crew was in last place, showing the worst results in all disciplines… of Course, the disastrous performance of its tank Ukrainian press was filed as complete and unconditional triumph “shocked” NATO, but in practice the European “partners” of Ukraine was convinced of the low level of training of Ukrainian tank”.

I will not focus on bias Russian propaganda, because of their narrowness and falsity have long been known to all. In particular, to write about are “shocked” by NATO, it would be necessary at least to be there, but they did not write about the fact that Russia is now a pariah, which, like a mangy dog chase me all official European events Russian filthy broom.

So, given the widespread hooting about the supposedly “disastrous performance” deserves the attention of the material that appeared today on a fairly well-respected among the military specialists and a very solid online Russian “Military review”, which said: “Yes, strange news, but the fact remains. Despite the fifth, penultimate place in the overall standings, the Ukrainian crews brought a lot of surprise and excitement of the Western colleagues. Especially the T-64 tank, which everyone (including us) was actually written in the scrap as the ancient and unsuitable for the modern battlefield. T-64 was developed in the early 60-ies in Kharkiv and, as shown, was at that time just a masterpiece tank”.

Of course, “Military review”, as part of the Russian propaganda machine, too often forced to make “necessary and proper” promises, but in this case, they showed only a business and professional approach, demonstrating vividly the wretchedness of the current Russian mesedzh about the greatness of the Russian nation, which is one created everything good collapse of the “Soviet civilization” and also on their own, without the other 14 national republics won the Second world his “invincible and legendary” by the red army, and then those — “masterpiece tank” developed in the Ukraine!

Further — more. I was just talking about the falsity of the cheap Russian propaganda, no wonder called “Military review” a solid and distinguished Russian resource (in any case, it was known before the war), for the Russians themselves, demonstrating rare here for their honesty when it comes to Ukraine, easily break their own fellow propagandists, now massively clogging up the information space of the Russian base troling all Ukrainian.

“T-64 at Ukrainian interpretation has indeed proved to be far not the worst. Tanks, representing APU, was more maneuverable than the West. Experts report that some characteristics of the T-64 the new versions were better than the French “Leclerc”, the German “Leopard” and the American “Abrams”. Even the Americans expressed surprise, mixed with disbelief, and the commander of Land forces of USA in Europe Ben Hodges was amazed that such an ancient machine can be relevant to this day and nothing to concede to foreign analogues. Well, should not be the case, it’s “Made in the USSR, drained the Ukraine”!” — journalists “Military review”, thus explaining that meant the propaganda of the “Stars” ranting about “shocked NATO”.

It turns out that shock really was, but not from a “low level of training of Ukrainian tank” as prosvistela “Star”, and from the fact that Ukrainians on your old T-64 was, as stated by the Russians “better French “Leclerc”, the German “Leopard” and the American “Abrams””.

It turns out that, aside from Russian propaganda husk, the military experts fighting with our powers — and this is very important — they recognize the high professional quality of our tankers, managed is not a new car to show really great results. And it’s not even that they took 4th out of 5 places, and how they show themselves during testing, and for professionals it is much more important, because in the battle of prizes does not happen. In combat, you’re either on Board, or under him, or the winner, or two hundred.

Now the case for small — to provide our soldiers decent weapons, and then the turning point in the war inevitable. And it is not in the side of the Russian invaders.