Brother Pablo Escobar demands billion from Netflix for the TV series “Narco”

Roberto Escobar, brother of Pablo and Gustav Escobares, which together controlled a vast drug trafficking networks in 1970-1980-ies, stated that will close the series “Drug” unless its manufacturer, the company Netflix, not pay $ 1 billion for the use of the name of Escobar and the term “Drug” (“Narcos”). He told the Hollywood Reporter that the case involved lawyers – reports

According to Roberto Escobar, he registered the rights to the names of all members of the Medellín cartel associated with his family, as trademarks and patented the word “narcos” which can be translated as “drug traffickers”, “drug mafia”.

Roberto de jesús Escobar Gaviria at his house in Medellin

Roberto — the only survivor of three brothers. Gustavo was killed by Colombian special forces in 1990, and in 1993, when the arrest was shot and the head of the family Pablo Escobar.

According to one, Roberto was involved in the cartel accounting, on the other, he commanded the hired killers who worked for Pablo Escobar.

Brazilian actor Wagner Moura as Pablo Escobar in the TV series “Narco”

In the series, Roberto is not appearing (probably in order to avoid disputes on the rights to personal story). However, he believes that without his permission to make a movie about Escobar not. To trade brand “the Escobar brothers”, he created the company Escobar Inc. In an interview with Roberto Escobar, said he was ready to sue the creators of “Drug”, and at the same time threatens them.

“Representatives of the Netflix scared. They sent us a long letter with threats. Now we are negotiating with them through our attorneys to get $ 1 billion. If we do not receive, we will close them a little show. You see, we own all the rights to our name and brand Narcos. I don’t play games. Yes, they have in Silicon valley have phones and all sorts of interesting things, but they do not know life, they would be unable to survive in the jungle of Medellin. And I’ve survived. They would be better to stay in the womb. That’s what we say to such people if they come to Colombia,” said he.

16 Sep in a dangerous area of Mexico was shot on location Manager who worked on Netflix, choosing nature for the filming of the third and fourth seasons of “Drug”. The new series will be dedicated to a Mexican cartel Kali.

In this regard, Roberto Escobar advised the company to hire bodyguards: “a Smart man doesn’t need weapons. Stupid — need.”

Members of the Medellín cartel, the brothers Escobar and the Ochoa brothers, in the series “Narco”

To return to the Columbia crew he advises. “I would not be at the site of Netflix or any other broadcaster to make films about me or my brother Pablo in Medellin or Colombia without the permission of the company Escobar Inc. It is very dangerous. Especially without a blessing. This is my country,” said Roberto de jesús Escobar Gaviria.

Series “Drug”, the first season of which was shown by Netflix on 28 August 2015, dedicated to the history of the drug cartels. In the first and second seasons we are talking about the confrontation between two agents of Management on struggle against drugs of the USA and the Medellín cartel in Colombia in the center of the story — the figure of Pablo Escobar the most famous drug dealer in history. Third, recently revealed, the fourth season, which is planned for next year, talk about the same agents and a Mexican cartel Kali.

The first two seasons were favorably received by critics, actors has been nominated for a Golden globe and a BAFTA.

We will remind, several days ago in Mexico was shot on location Manager who has chosen nature for the filming of the series.