Military news: around the conflict in the South China sea

Warnings, threats, exchanges of insults, the arms race in the region, incidents of the sea — all this has long been routine an integral geopolitical situation in the South China sea, where the clash between the interests of many countries where territorial claims and actions of China’s construction of military infrastructure on artificial Islands cause outrage.

But beyond words, the countries of the region on the sly involved in an unspoken informal Alliance, the purpose of which — psychological influence and counter China in case of aggravation of the situation prior to the hot phase.

On GUAM were military exercises involving U.S., UK, France and Japan. Exercises to symbolize the willingness of these countries to allow unhindered passage of vessels in the South China sea after China threatened to establish control over shipping in these waters. Japanese and Americans in the French and English ships helicopters practiced landings, carried out training and combat shooting, checked the possibility of concerted joint action. Impressions from the teachings of spoiled the fact that one of the French ships ran aground and teachings had to be stopped.

In South China have already passed the 22nd annual naval exercise CARAT. They involved the navies of Singapore, Thailand and the United States. From the United States participated in two of the ship (destroyer “Sterett” and a ship of the coastal zone “Coronado”), from Asian countries one by one. The exercise lasted for three days. Perfected the use of communication systems, the actions at sea during the rescue operations and work with American helicopters, based aboard the Coronado.

The Philippines started sending troops and goods to the island of Pagasa (chin. Titus), located among the disputed Spratly archipelago. Pagasa, the second largest island in the archipelago and the largest among the Islands, which are claimed by the Philippines. On the island are usually about 40 Philippine Marines, the coast line of fortified bunkers. There are plans to expand the runway, the construction of barracks, desalination plants, solar power plants, modernization of port and tourist infrastructure. All allocated about 32 million dollars. Also discussed plans to create a training infrastructure for special units. The President of the Philippines Rodrigo Duterte in April stated that he had ordered the armed forces to gain a foothold on all belonging to the Philippines Islands in the South China sea, June 12, promised to personally raise on the island of Pagasa the Philippines flag. In 2014, Chinese media reported that sooner or later China force take away the island from the Philippines.

Defence Ministers of India and Japan held meeting in Tokyo, which confirmed that they intend to strengthen military cooperation, especially when the situation in the South China sea escalates. Both countries also welcomed the holding of joint naval exercises with the United States in July of this year. India also would like to acquire Japan’s military technology to their base to expand the production in the country. We are talking about the production of tanks, planes and submarines. India offers so PR Japanese military production, which may not concede on quality of Western or Russian counterparts, but does not receive the attention of foreign media and will not be included on the world arms market. India could be a good PR platform for Japanese defense companies.

From 18 to 25 may will be held bilateral naval exercises of India and Singapore, and then joint exercises with the Royal Australian Navy. During the exercises with the Singapore Indian side will involve anti-submarine aircraft P-8l, and Singapore uses the F-15. The purpose of the exercise is to practice joint actions of the naval forces of the two countries in “defense of the strategic Strait of Malacca”. Later, four warships of India will come with visits to the ports of Malaysia, Indonesia, Papua New Guinea and Australia.

The New York Times writes that to understand politics trump against China’s claims in the South China sea and Cycling on the nuclear program of North Korea is of great concern in the region. Taiwan would like to buy weapons, South Korea to consult on the Chinese reaction to the deployment of U.S. missile defense systems on its territory, the Philippines does not know whether to support the US in the conflict over the disputed Islands. But the US is not sending clear signals. The publication writes that the US “SAG” under China’s interests in the region and that in Australia, the South China sea is already being called “China lake.” Such a policy, the United States faces the fact that countries in the region will turn away from Americans and will try to build its relations with China on their own.

Meanwhile, in the United States has published satellite images, which show the Chinese reconnaissance aircraft KJ-500 with the system’s early warning radar located at the base on Hainan island. China while six of these planes and they can base in Hainan to patrol almost all the South China sea. The Americans say that this type of aircraft first spotted on the island. In addition to the KJ-500 is based there and Chinese aircraft Y-8J Maritime patrol.

China has recently finished the first mission is to patrol the waters of the South China sea the world’s largest coast guard ship CCG 3901. The ship, called the foreign media “Monster” in the course of 19 days was at sea, led the exploration around Chinese Islands with the help of drones and “defending the law of the sea” of China. The ship also has a heliport and bear arms, including anti-aircraft guns. It is believed that such a huge size for coast guard ship (with a displacement of 12 000 tonnes) is a tool of intimidation for the courts of other countries, especially when the waters of the South China do not hesitate to go to the RAM during territorial conflicts. With the “Monster” no this is not solved.