Forbes (USA): Russia is working on the creation of directed energy weapons

Ever since people began to use electricity for military purposes, is under construction and on developing special weapons, which makes the technique completely useless. There are weapons — they are hiding out somewhere in the annals of design weapons development, then re-appear as new solutions for some of the new complex — which is aimed at destroying the electronics and only electronics.

In early July, Russian media reported on the weapon barely fit in the given scheme of alternation, and its description was used, the expression “EMP gun”. AMY, or electromagnetic pulse, is a real and observed phenomenon, however, the main way to achieve this effect on a large scale is possible with the use of nuclear weapons. When a nuclear warhead explodes near the Earth’s surface, along with other amazing factors occurring electromagnetic pulse, but the range of its distribution is limited and its effect overlaps other lethal consequences of a nuclear explosion. When a nuclear warhead explodes at high altitude, in the lower layers of the cosmos, the pulse can cover a long distance, although its impact is reduced due to the strengthening of the second nuclear strike and an almost inevitable retaliation.

Mentioned Russian AMY cannon does not have any of these indicators, and this makes questionable the very name. Instead, this gun, judging by her description, more like a microwave gun, a kind of directed energy weapons, which in modern conditions can be used to combat bespilotnikom.

In this case, this weapon can be seen as “continuation of ongoing in Russia, discussions on the development of breakthrough technologies, which are perceived as a response to the superiority of the West in the field of high-tech and high-precision weapons,” said Samuel Bendett (Samuel Bendett), adviser of Department of the Russian programs of the research Center of naval analysis (Center for Naval Analyses), specializing in Russian unmanned military systems.

Directed energy weapons are capable of, in particular, to destroy the drones, and it allows him to make the leap into the future of war as manned and robotic aircraft will compete in the sky filled with hostile aircraft. According to the Agency TASS, this weapon can be mounted on a remotely controlled unmanned version of any produced by the Russian sixth generation jet fighter.

“This kind of gun, based on their descriptions also fit into the ongoing Russian research, development and testing work in the field of combat drones — says Bendett — These works are carried out based on the experience obtained in the fight against drones in Syria. In addition, such systems are supposed to be used against high-altitude drones Western countries, who are currently conducting surveillance flights near Russian borders”.

Whatever the nature of the weapons of suppression electronics, which is currently being developed, in future wars likely to be widely used significantly greater amounts of new energy weapons.