Trump or Putin — who wins the battle of luxury?

Extravagant living habits of the President of the United States Donald trump and his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin cause both condemnation and admiration. SvD lists some of the luxury items, which these political leaders themselves surrounded.

Let’s start with Vladimir Putin, who reportedly wears a watch for half a million dollars, and the plane goes to the toilet cost of $ 75 thousand. According to critics, the property of the President is worth billions.

Putin: watches worth millions

Such world leaders as Barack Obama and françois Hollande, wear watches costing less than 200 dollars. But Putin, whose property, according to reports by Russian ministries, is estimated at 150 thousand dollars, was wearing this watch almost 700 thousand, according to the opposition group “Solidarity”.

The most expensive watch in the collection of Putin — a Lange & Sohne crystal and gold. They are estimated at half a million dollars, says the report of the opposition.

According to independent sources, Putin owns the private property value of 70 to 150 billion dollars.

Putin: a yacht as a gift from a friend

Putin — no less than four yachts in different parts of the country, according to the report, which cites the New York Times.


According to this, one of the yachts — a gift from one of the richest people in Russia. Length of the most impressive yachts Putin — a little more than 53 meters, and it costs about $ 37 million. On the yacht there is even a wine cellar and a pool with a waterfall.


Putin: 700 vehicles in the garage

Vladimir Putin has always loved cars. And how many of his machines? At last count, its fleet consists of approximately 700 cars. Putin has even race cars “Formulas-1”.

He says his favorite cars, the ones made in Russia. But since Russia is hardly produced luxury cars, it is his statement — just an attempt to look like a patriot. As stated in the report that the opposition leader Boris Nemtsov published before his death.

Itself expensive car in the garage Putin — armored limousine, weighing 3.5 tons, which cannot even blow up a rocket.

Putin: a strong presidential aircraft and 42 to choose

Putin has a presidential jet, but was not enough. Now at the disposal of the President — 43 aircraft, according to the report with sarcastic title “the Life of a slave in the galleys”. The question arises, what is missing in the presidential plane, given that its interior is decorated with gold and trimmed in accordance with the wishes of Putin.

Putin: aviatoare for 75 thousand dollars

An interesting detail of interior in one of Putin’s planes — WC cost 75 thousand dollars. It is not clear how to do toilet can cost so much, the website style My First Class Life. The author wonders if this does not play toilet music, not massaging the back and do not clean shoes. Perhaps it helps to understand what kinds of costs Putin caused so much disturbance, and for which he was so criticized in recent years, wrote for My First Class.

Where the world learned about Extraodinary expense of Putin and his extravagant habits? One of the main suppliers of this information in recent years, was Boris Nemtsov. He held the post of Deputy Prime Minister under Boris Yeltsin and then became the main critic of the policies of President Putin. In February 2015 Nemtsov was shot dead in the street in the center of Moscow. He was 55 years old.

Putin: 20 palaces for billions

According to a new report, Putin has built 20 spacious palaces all over Russia, which cost him several billion dollars. All these homes are top class and equipped with all sorts of luxury items. The most impressive building in the collection — “Putin’s Palace” in Gelendzhik, the cost of which is estimated to account for one billion.

The building was constructed in great secrecy, and the media were forbidden to visit the construction site.

Putin: 15 helicopters with heavy weapons

If you think that 43 aircraft enough, you are mistaken. Putin has another 15 helicopters, equipped with heavy weapons (if someone wants to harm the President).

The most impressive helicopter in the Arsenal of Putin’s Mi-8, upgraded for greater comfort and security of the President.

© RIA Novosti Vitaliy Belousov | go to Photobacterium Mi-8 of Russian air force
However, Putin is not the only leader of state who spent large sums on the helicopters. The US President has at his disposal helicopters worth 20 billion dollars.

Trump: the penthouse for $ 100 million

High overhead in the “trump Tower” in new York Manhattan penthouse is the new President of the USA of Donald trump. Its three floors are thickly trimmed with gold decor and the floor of the walls were of marble. The guests is welcoming door of gold and diamonds. The chairs in the apartment in the style of French king Louis XIV, and the ceiling and paintings abound with references to Greek mythology. The apartment has fantastic views of Central Park.

Trump: the special “Boeing” Trump Force One

Trump travels in “Boeing-757-200”, known as Trump Force One, bought from Microsoft founder Allen Field. The exact price is unknown, but the media are talking about 100 million dollars. Trump has updated the plane with many gilt details, garnished including seat belts, and the coat of arms of the family of the Trumps.

On the plane trump has a cinema. According to Vouge, the inside of the plane are covered with silk Wallpaper. The bedroom trump are one double bed and a TV. The aircraft accommodates several Seating and dining areas.

Trump: the fleet of luxury

When trump isn’t in the air, he travels everywhere on a variety of their luxury cars. He loves Rolls-Royce, but it also has the Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren, and Lamborghini Diablo.

Trump’s private club in palm beach

In 1985, the trump ten million dollars bought the estate of Mar-a-Lago in palm beach and made it a private club. The mansion built by Marjorie Merriweather Post (Marjorie Merriweather Post) in 1924. Before you can turn it into an exclusive club, trump himself has lived there for ten years.

©, wallygБывший mansion of Donald trump in palm beach, FL

In the house, 58 bedrooms, 33 bathrooms, 12 fireplaces and three bomb shelters.