Merkel told what he expected from the meeting with Macron

German Chancellor Angela Merkel said on Monday that he expects a pleasant meeting with the new President of France Emmanuel Macron.

According to her, the meeting scheduled for tonight will be held in the “friendly” atmosphere.

“We will do everything to take good new initiatives,” said Merkel at a press conference on Monday at the headquarters of the Christian democratic Union.

The German Chancellor also noted that “full trust” of the Macron. “He knows what he needs to do,” added Merkel.

As reported, the macron on Monday will travel to Berlin, it will be his first official visit abroad as President of France.

After the victory of the Macron in the elections of may 7, his first contact at the international level became a telephone conversation with Merkel.

“The Makron was the first contact at the international level, Angela Merkel. It lasted about ten minutes and was held in a warm atmosphere,” reported at the time, surrounded by Macron.

As expected, after meeting with Merkel, the Makron will visit the position of the French military troops deployed abroad.