Marine Le Pen is returned on a post of the head of the “National front”

Loser in the French presidential election marine Le Pen again became head of the far-right National front, said the acting Chairman of the party Steve Brew.

“It (Le Pen. – Ed.) today returns to the presidency of the “National front”!” – reported Brew.

He thanked Le Pen and the responsibility of informed trust and the appointment to the post of acting party Chairman.

After the first round of the presidential elections, Le Pen said that temporarily departs from the Affairs of the party. She explained this decision by saying that the French President should unite all French people regardless of their political preferences.

First, the interim Chairman of the party was Jean-françois Galik. However, after this appointment in the media began to appear reports of his harsh statements, in particular, about the Holocaust that were made in 2005. In the end, he resigned, his place was appointed Brew.