Lavrov in the White house

The Kremlin would be thrilled about the photos, but in the end, it was all just pictures. History is a collection of false images and false assumptions. Photos taken during the signing of the Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact, continue to be significant, but they are a brilliant example of that in today’s utterly vague comments termed “bad optics.” The Pact, which was signed by Nazi Germany and the Stalinist Soviet Union, forced a British official to declare that as a result of all “isms” have become part of history.

As political commentators become experts-Amateurs in the field of optics, the obsession about how highlights the events, began to penetrate to the pages of popular Newspapers. Representatives of all the political spectrum are horrified to ascertain that the train trump has once again significantly deviated from the straight path, thus ignoring the emerging decades of practice in on old enemies. Bad optics!

Should pay attention to the predictability of it all. On the one hand, Lavrov meeting with trump in the White house was boring. On the other hand, it was perceived as a relief. Hostility between Russia and the United States became the domestic fishery for academics, practitioners and theorists, and at times it even turned into an industrial complex.

If you can reforge swords into plowshares, it’s good. But it’s not good for people optical abnormal and suspicious. According to such problems with democratic Senator dick Durbin (Dick Durbin), “President trump in these photos, shaking hands with the Russian, and the Kremlin happily post these pictures on Twitter, making them available to the whole world.”

This, of course, was a chance for Lavrov to have fun, and he duly used it during communication with journalists, knowing perfectly well that he accompanies his Russian photographer will be in the company of a customized courtesy of the American President.

Given the timing of the visit — the day after the firing of the FBI Director James Komi (James Comey) — Lavrov perfectly played its role and to some extent even over the top. “He was fired? Are you kidding me! You’re joking!”

With him were Russian Ambassador to the United States Sergey Kislyak, who does what to it did only a few Russian Ambassador, he is actively involved in the treatment of the Washington social sphere, building bridges, and one might even say, creates a separate illusion. Some people still remember the organized Russian Ambassador in may 2010, the event in tuxedos in support of the Washington national Opera, a significant part of the cost of which was covered by support Opera philanthropist Susan Lehrman (Susan Lehrman).

Of course, the presence of dubious raised eyebrows among discerning critics. Career, including career Michael Flynn, were destroyed as the result of alleged improper associations. An unnamed source contained in the list of informants of CNN, called “funny” that “the Ambassador is not able to meet with the President during the visit of Minister of foreign Affairs. It is standard practice”.

Lavrov, shining like a pig in the mud, properly grasped the idea that the Russian somehow miraculously managed to establish control over the White house — in the spirit of the best traditions of conspiracy theories. “I believe that politicians cause harm to the US political system, when trying to imagine that someone manages America from the outside.”

Good that he has his concerns, but the Republic’s political system largely faded before the Kremlin has become a convenient alibi, which may explain why Mr. trump jumped out unnoticed and forgotten-the-box, Jack as a Nasty cartoon about Winnie the Pooh.

Administration trump didn’t need to do anything, however, they decided to strike a blow of retaliation for being in a bad mood, which was caused by these photos. Mentioned the photographer, as it became known, is not only the official photographer Lavrov, but also a member of the Russian state news Agency TASS.

It becomes the standard form for the administration of the trump, because there is, basically, diligently cultivated theatrical performance, not a reality. Negoduya gets all the reward. “We had a official photographer in the office, as they have,” he said on Thursday (Deputy) official representative of the White house Sarah Sanders (Sarah Huckabee Sanders).

CNN drew attention to the angry words of an employee of the White house, which, of course, remain anonymous is fascinating. “They got us wrapped around your finger” — he stated. But there is more action in the style of Kabuki theatre, and it is a necessary performance in the latest issue of chaotic, almost illegal mini-series “Trappisten” or “America during the reign of trump.” “That’s the problem with Russians, they are lying,” said this anonymous.

On the other hand, the Russians, quite possibly, did what was expected from them. The drama of the play has deepened the idea that the very presence of the photographer, not to mention behavior, it could represent a security breach. “Very serious question” asked Colin Cala (Colin Kahl), Advisor on security issues, former us Vice-President Joe Biden: “was it a good idea to prevent the Russian government photographer with all his equipment in the Oval office of the White house?” Former CIA Deputy Director David Cohen (David S. Cohen) doesn’t think so.

Tongues wagged aggressive: these wily Russian was quite able to smuggle a listening device in the White house. Eventually, the listening device was found in the conference room of the state Department during the administration of President Clinton.

And thus the seeds of speculation had been sown, the tree of doubt began to grow and questions have been raised about what actually happens in the White house while flirting with the Kremlin and clarify relationship with him. It is highly likely that all of this is quite a common thing, that is much ADO about nothing, although this explanation does not satisfy nostalgic bridges during the cold war.