Thanks to the silk road will change the economic balance of power

Work began on the revival of the historic silk road. The first international presentation of this landmark project was held in China with the participation of 28 countries, including Turkey.

This project involves the launch of the Northern corridor via Russia and the southern corridor via Iran. Part of the project for Turkey is to improve the connection of Turkey, Europe, Central Asian republics, Afghanistan and Pakistan with the help of this path with China. In other words, Turkey will play a role in the Central corridor of this project.

Chinese project “One belt and one road”, which is regarded as the largest transport and trade project in the world, able to change all the known and established balance sheets.

The project is directly connected with the mobilization of the economic potential of the countries through which the route will be laid, and their contribution to reviving the world economy.

While this corridor will accelerate infrastructure investment in the economies of the participating countries, between also will increase trade flows. Consequently, the world rankings of countries by size of economy can change too.

What will change with the silk road project?

Economic activity that will arise with the start of all corridors and the implementation of investment plans, will provide economic benefits to the participating countries and above all put an end to the supremacy of America in the world economy. The world must be prepared to change the economic balance of power.

Trade flows, which now go from West to East, changed direction to the opposite, for “East — West”. This situation can be seen as an economic breakthrough of the East.

The fact that the silk road project will connect with each other more than 60 countries in Europe and Asia, and with the demographic and economic points of view will provide the basis for new forms of integration and cooperation.

We’re talking about when Intercontinental scale. When connected by road, Railways, air and sea ports, power lines and fiber optic lines that will bring together Asian, European, African continents and the middle East region with each other — it’s going on the establishment of Intercontinental transportation and communication network. This path, which combines manufacturing, transportation, logistics, obviously, has a high economic potential.

The creation of the project of the new silk road routes of high-speed trains, airports, power plants and pipelines will accelerate the emergence of new economic institutions, banks and financial institutions. Map of the silk road will be different active dynamics of many economic processes.

The “Central corridor” of the silk road: Turkey

Large investments of Turkey in the transport sector and ongoing projects show that our country is ready for the silk road. Due to large infrastructure investments in recent years Turkey has done the fastest way in the creation of routes of high-speed trains, airports, oil and gas, that is, the main parameters of the new silk road project.

Such completed and currently operating projects as the tunnel “Marmaray” and the bridge of Sultan Selim the terrible, from this point of view, form the cornerstones of the silk road. And projects of Railways Baku — Tbilisi — Kars and Edirne — Kars, implementation of which is still in progress, will be the most important pillars of the Central corridor of the modern silk road.


© South Stream Transport B. V. Marine pipeline “Turkish stream”

With the implementation of projects of TRANS-Anatolian gas pipeline (TANAP), construction of which is currently ongoing, “Turkish stream”, as well as other planned pipelines, Turkey will more than fulfill their obligations as a country of the Central corridor of the silk road project. The reference to the Central corridor as the energy and financial centre specifically for Turkey depends on the stability of major infrastructure projects of Turkey and the successful implementation of the silk road project.

When completed, the corridor, the timing of the trade between China and Turkey will decrease, and trade between the countries through which will be laid in the corridor, picks up the pace.

If we consider the remaining countries in the West and East of this corridor, one of the important points is that Turkey will get the opportunity to reach their goal of becoming a center in the energy sector.