In the Kremlin called the cause of videoconferencing Russian airstrike by the Turkish military

Moscow claims that the Russian pilots carried out air strikes according to the coordinates from the Turkish side, which fell on the Turkish military. This was stated press Secretary of the President Dmitry Peskov, Interfax reports.

According to him, the parties agreed that the blow was unintentional due to erratic positions of the Turkish side.

“As to why (the incident), his reasons are understandable. Here there is no dispute as such. The situation is obvious: unfortunately, our military during the attack the terrorists were guided by the coordinates that were given to us by the Turkish partners, within these coordinates, the Turkish military should not be there. This inconsistency in the provision of coordinates, I would formulate so. That is why these unintentional attacks have taken place”, – said Peskov.

As reported, February 9, during operation in air strikes on targets “Islamic state”, the incident occurred, in which Russian bomb fell at the location of the Turkish military. As a result, 11 Turkish soldiers were wounded and three people killed.