Poisoned arrows Putin

It is difficult to explain why the President is Donald trump so admires his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin. Throughout his election campaign he made no secret of his admiration for the man, in a biography that has dark pages of his service in the KGB. Trump often praised him, comparing his rival Hillary Clinton and former President Barack Obama, arguing that the US needs a leader with fighting qualities like Putin.

So, a month after taking office, not intending to dissociate themselves from politics, which is suspected of using hackers to interfere in the electoral process in the United States, trump is once again openly declares their location to the head of state, causing distrust in large parts of European States, and in their own country persecuting the opposition. Some of them even are at risk.

When, during a recent interview with Fox reporter bill O’reilly (Bill O’reilly), he called Putin a “murderer”, the White house surprised both friends and foes, speaking in his defense, stating that the US “full of killers” and asking O’reilly’s question: “is our country so innocent?”.

The flow of criticism was not long in coming. They poured from both Democrats and Republicans, because making such statements, trump, it seems, knows that the Russian President is accused of involvement in the murder of independent journalists and dissidents, journalists Anna Politkovskaya and Natalia Estemirova, a critic built under Putin police state and human rights violations in Chechnya, to the sensational case of former KGB officer Alexander Litvinenko abroad denounced the illegal actions of the Russian government. As found by British investigators, two agents of the Russian intelligence services poisoned Litvinenko with polonium. In a week that opposition leader died in a London hospital. Even while on his deathbed, he accused Putin of the poisoning. And just a week ago human rights activist Vladimir Kara-Murza came out of the coma, apparently caused by poisoning. This is the second time in two years.

In addition to the strange deaths and episodes similar to those described in the novels of John Le Carre at the height of the cold war, many opponents of the Kremlin were in prison or were forced to flee the country, not to get a bullet in the head. To talk about it openly required great courage. A good example of this could be the punk band Pussy Riot, participants who spent a long time in prison. Two young performers from Pussy Riot recently shot a video, which exposes the corruption of the regime, at the risk of once again being behind bars.

It seems that hard-line Putin, his intransigence and aggression trump sees an example to follow, and it bothers those who feel a pride in the values that had hitherto defended by successive governments of the United States. Admire and unconditionally support the Russian President, known for their impudence against opponents and close ties with Syrian dictator Bashar al-Assad, is to discredit US in the eyes of the EU and the entire free world. To equate the corrupt Russian government with the political class of the United States — it means to discredit the foundations of democracy, advocating human rights and pluralism on a global scale.

Republican Senator, Vietnam war hero John McCain (John McCain), known for his Patriotic stance, warns Washington about the danger of toying with Russia, which could lead to the lifting of sanctions against the Putin regime, despite its invasion of Ukraine. The former presidential candidate in the 2008 election, I can’t understand how trump can call “the greatest country in the world, which is a huge help to other peoples, with the government of Vladimir Putin, murderer and executioner.”

Although it is known that trump is not a fan of reading, he should read “From Russia with love”. Even James bond was not able to Dodge the poisoned arrows of Putin.