Experts have found a link global cyberattack with North Korea

Specialist American Internet giant Google for information security Neil Mehta revealed the existence of a common code snippet WannaCry virus and malware that have used hackers from North Korea.

Mehta published a long combination of numbers, letters and symbols, which, as explained by the American branch mass-media, a common code element in WannaCry and the virus, which in 2015 was used to steal money hacker group Lazarus Group, which is allegedly tied to North Korea.

The company “Kaspersky Lab” also said that found a common code snippet WannaCry and Lazarus virus Group. In a statement, one analyst at the Russian company says its employees check the version of connection between North Korea and the hackers who carried out the recent mass attack.

We will remind, on Friday, may 12 it became known about the large-scale cyber attack. Hospitals and telecommunication companies worldwide have become victims of hacker-extortionists. It was reported that the owners of the computers only have three days to send the payment to the hackers. After that the computers “will put the meter on”: the price for the return of the files will double. But if the victim of a hacker attack do not pay within seven days, you will lose your files forever.

According to Cyberscoop, was attacked by about 300 thousand computers around the world. Most of all, the virus affected the United Kingdom and Russia.

According to the latest estimates of Symantec, the perpetrators of acts WannaCry for the recent cyber attacks were able to obtain by extortion from the users, for a total of about 54 thousand dollars.

In this case withthe builders of the virus-the extortioner WannaCry bypassed its stop limit. Informed by one of the users managed to stop the spread of the virus. He registered a domain name the name of which was contained in the code of the virus.

While experts expected a second wave of infection of the program-pest WannaCry at the beginning of a new working week on Monday, may 15, did not take place. However, local outbreaks of lesions visible in Asia.