Facts are the enemy of the people

The us economy received an additional $ 10.3 million jobs during the second term of President Obama, that is 214 thousand per month. As a result, official unemployment rate fell below 5%, and there were also signs that we are at the end of last year was close to full employment. However, Donald trump insisted that good news on jobs was “fake” and that America is, in fact, suffering from mass unemployment.

Then was published the first report of the administration trump on unemployment, and the data it contains about 235 thousands of additional jobs has very clearly testified to the continuation of preexisting trends. And the current administration wanted to take credit for: as stated by the press Secretary of Mr. trump, in the past, data on number of jobs “could be fake, but today they are very real.”

The journalists laughed — and they should be ashamed of it. Since it was not a joke. America is currently governed by a President and party who fundamentally reject the idea of the existence of objective facts. Instead, they want the world to recognize the reality of what they are saying.

Thus we are invited to simply believe the President when he — erroneously — claims that the number of the audience at his inauguration people was the largest in history; when he says — and it is ridiculous that millions of ballots were filed illegally for his opponent; when he insists — without any proof — that his predecessor had organized listening to his phone.

And it’s not just about how to indulge the vanity of one man. If you want to see how such an opinion can cause damage to millions of people, pay attention to the situation in the area of health care reform.

President Obama’s proposed health care reform (Obamacare) led to a significant reduction in the number of Americans without health insurance. Someone can say that this reduction could be even more significant; what is, perhaps, ahead of us difficulties? and that it would be necessary to achieve more. However, the reality of the achievements of this law shall not be questioned, then, as the worry now should be about the consequences of the insurance program trump (Trumpcare), which will lead to a sharp weakening in key positions.

However, the Republicans refuse to acknowledge previous achievements. The President of the Heritage Foundation denies the existence of the positive results from the implementation of the affordable care Act (Affordable Care Act) calls this kind of message “false news”. In Louisville at the weekend Vice-President Mike Pence stated that “the program President Obama’s health did not meet the expectations of the citizens of Kentucky,” and it was said of the state where the percentage of people without health insurance dropped from 16.6% to 7% with the moment he joined the force.

As for the likely impact of the programme trump health, these people, literally, don’t want to know about it.

When the Congress discussed some important bill, as a rule, he is forced to wait for the moment when Control of Congress on the budget “will be subjected to thorough analysis” — along with its impact on income, costs and other key objectives. Management of budget is not always right, but he has a pretty good track record in comparison with other predictors and, more importantly, it is always carefully watching to keep the party impartiality, and therefore acts as an important control body, in relation to politically motivated attempts to wishful thinking.

However, the Republicans are actively pushing the health programme of the tramp through the key committees — literally, in the dead of night, without waiting for the conclusion of the Control budget. And they are already pre-subjected to criticism, as is likely, it will contain insights that as a result of his decision millions of people will lose their health insurance.

The truth is that the Office for budget something got wrong about health care reform, but overall it did a good job in terms of predicting the main impact of this important new bill, and it worked so much better than those people who are currently subjected to his criticism and who were predicted never occurred disaster. And what would be no criticism was made regarding the future of the conclusion, it will certainly be better than the ridiculous assertion Tom price (Tom Price), Minister of health and social services, that “no one will suffer financially” as a result of implementation of the plan, which significantly reduces subsidies and raises insurance premiums for millions of Americans. But it is, in fact, is not about how policy analysis in the field of health are likely to be correct. We are talking about trump and his team, about the people who attack the legitimate right of any person to question their claims.

In other words, Management of the budget is in the same position as that of the media that Mr. trump called “enemies of the people”, and whatever he spoke, he did so not because they do not understand, but because they dared to challenge him.

“Enemy of the people” — a phrase which, of course, historically associated with Stalin and other tyrants. And this is no accident. Mr. trump is not a dictator — yet at least — but he obviously has totalitarian instincts.

And a significant number of his party members — perhaps most of them — gladly follow him, even agreeing with the strangest conspiracy theories. For example, the vast majority of members of the Republican party believe in crazy, in fact, the approval of Mr. trump regarding listening to President Obama on his phone.

Therefore, you should not make the mistake and assume the attack on the Office of the U.S. Congress on the budget some purely technical dispute. This is part of the larger battle in which we are talking here about what: whether ignorance is strength, and this man in the White house the sole arbiter of truth.