A drunk Russian is a dying cultural phenomenon

A week ago I went to work in the Tver region Northwest of Moscow. At the end of the day we went to the car our photographer in the capital, and made a stop before the border with the Moscow region. On the banks of the river Doubice was a wasteland, and the weather was quite tolerable. So we parked by the river, brought a folding grill from the trunk and started to fry the kebabs.

A few dozen meters from us is the other company: silver Korean car red tent for four people, three men soaked the bait and spinners. This year’s Victory Day in Russia was celebrated on Tuesday, and many Russians had four days of rest. However, guests of the red tent, it seems, began to fish in advance, even before Friday.

Dressed in dirty camouflage middle-aged man staggered came up to us to say Hello.

“I fell in the river” — the man explained the condition of his clothes and began the endless chatter about the price of apartments in new houses under construction near the river, on the policy staff in the company “Norilsk Nickel” and all the rest, no less interesting. We occasionally said, “aga, da-da”, ignoring the invitation to participate in the conversation. However, when I heard that we both started our military training with the so-called light grenade, he almost gave in to temptation. But I still thought to remain silent in the name of our meal.

After some time a man in camouflage went to check the network, obviously, installed illegally, and again fell into the river.

I think this man is in camouflage — the embodiment of what the Finns think about Russian men. From prejudice to reject hard, but sometimes they still need to make adjustments. Man in camouflage can be called the vanishing folk tradition.

Yes, in General Russians drink more than the Finns. However, since the middle of last decade, alcohol consumption in Russia declined. Russia is now hard to call the country of vodka, because vodka, with its dominant position shifts the consumption of beer.

It is easy to see and hear the drinker from morning till evening a villager. But really high level of alcohol consumption would provide citizens who work and get good salary like the rest of the world. And that’s because they reduced the consumption of alcohol in the whole country. According to today’s youth, this drink is not very great.

In the 90s, the official level of alcohol consumption and its substitutes rose dramatically after the collapse of the Soviet Union was hard to live sober. Now, this level is reduced because many of the active consumers had already drunk. The male life expectancy increased by several years.

The availability of alcohol depends on which part of the Federation you are. In Moscow retail stores that sell alcohol until 11 PM in Saint-Petersburg sale ends an hour earlier.

In General it can be said that the low level of alcohol consumption is that alcohol has become more difficult to buy. Alcohol policy reflects the minimum cost of a bottle of vodka, which is determined by the government. Recently it was lowered: it is possible for citizens to not looking for a cheap replacement for alcohol, or in the name of public tranquility. However, a man in camouflage harder and harder to find a group to drink.