Trump continues to prove its failure

President Donald trump often leads a shrewd game, pretending to be this stupid. Often, but not always. And this is a major threat now hanging over US — much more dangerous than obstruction of justice or possible crimes associated with Russia. However, the institutions of the United States refuse to acknowledge the existence of the threat, not to mention the fact to challenge it.

Trump is unlikely to completely derail the FBI investigation in which the Agency verifies the relations of his campaign to Russia. However, it is able to undermine it just enough to avoid serious consequences. Even if he won’t resort to your above, this investigation may well come to a standstill.

However, we should be glad that such an investigation still is — along with the investigation committees of the U.S. Congress, news reports and a total mobilization of expert opinions and institutions. These investigations are of great importance. Unless they go to the side.

For two days earlier this week subordinates trump did everything possible to convince the public that trump was not the initiator of dismissal of FBI Director James Komi (James Comey). White house officials and Vice President Mike Pence (Mike Pence) insisted that trump only responded to the concerns which has been shared by the Deputy General Prosecutor Rod Rosenstein (Rosenstein Rod) in his memo.

This White house cannot be called extremely competent and ethical team. Therefore, all the explanations seem to be quite dubious. Nevertheless, they represent a coordinated attempt to justify the actions of trump and to minimize political losses, arising out of the dismissal of Komi.

Then, on Thursday, may 11, in his interview to the leading program NBC News Lester Holt (Lester Holt) trump stated that the memo Rosenstein does not have any value. “I was going to dismiss the Komi Republic”, — said trump. Holt immediately began to question the President about this, but trump launched into a discussion about the previous White house. Trump could not provide a definitive answer.

“I was going to fire him regardless of the recommendations,” said trump.

Journalists and everyone else there is perfectly good reason to wonder whether words trump during an interview with Holt a sort of recognition that he fired Komi to obstruct the investigation of possible links his campaign with Russia. (According to trump, he wants the investigation completed as soon as possible.) There are good reasons to use this interview as evidence that White house officials trump often no more honest than the trump.

However, the question about the motives and means of the White house trump looks minor compared to enduring the madness of the trump. The recognition that trump made in an interview with Holt, it was not an attempt to distract the public from the flood of negative news. Does trump these kind of tactics? Yes, quite often. Therefore, we can say that trump can keep calculating the game and only pretending to be a fool.

However, an interview with Holt found that this time it was different. It wasn’t a trick. Trump may be cunning and calculating. But it regularly is very much captures, and while he often causes harm to others and sometimes even yourself. His recent interview the Economist and Time were quite strange and sometimes quite inconsistent.

My colleague Jon Bernstein (Jon Bernstein) wrote: “trump doesn’t even bother to think over the main points — even in situations, when under threat could be his presidency. Although, maybe he just didn’t have the mental faculties”.

Trump shows the extraordinary high level of inconsistency, combining incredible ignorance, immorality, corruption and mental instability in such proportions that we have not seen even a drunken Richard Nixon.

The investigation into possible ties with Russia serves as a kind of release valve for the collective anxiety caused by the failure of trump as President, but the prospect of charges is a potential “God from the machine”, is able to eliminate the dangers that bears the administration of the trump. But what if the consequence will not be able to eliminate these dangers? Or if it takes too much time?

In the current situation with trump is quite easy to lose sight of the main thing, focusing on minor details. In an interview on National public radio Republican Senator Ben Sass (Ben Sasse), which is kept at a safe distance from trump, voiced his concerns and complained about the state of us politics:

The US is now experiencing a crisis of public confidence, which lasts much longer than the last four months or even the last 18 months. We have lost a common conception of what is America. And almost all of our public institutions have become incredibly unpopular. This state of Affairs should cause alarm among all.

It’s true. However, now we are faced with a slightly more urgent problem. Donald trump the mental and moral attitude does not match his position, which assumes responsibility for the nuclear Arsenal of the country. And no one in Washington knows how to change the situation.