Putin, fish, and death: that the dream of Russians

“Yandex” has conducted a study about the most popular dreams of Russians based on their search queries. First place in the top 20 took the word “man,” says the study report, writes RBC.

The researchers divided the dreams for women and men. It turned out that women most often encounter the word “man”, “child”, “pregnancy”, “fish” and “boyfriend.” The men — “snake”, “fish”, “man”, “girl”, “tooth”.

If to speak about all Russians, some of the animals they most often dream of dogs, cats and rats. The most popular color in dreams — white, the most popular action is to die.

“Yandex” has also estimated what the words in the queries about the most popular dreams in the regions. In the Chelyabinsk region, for example, people do have meteorites. In Kursk, Lipetsk, Orel and Ryazan regions popular religious dreams with the saints, priests, and icons.

Dreams of Russians, according to the report, and change depending on the environment. So, in Stavropol Krai, people have walnuts and apricots, in the Altai and Tuva mountains, Kamchatka, Chukotka and Yakutia — bears. Residents of Moscow and St. Petersburg often dream of the subway, on the second and third places for Muscovites in terms of frequency of queries, respectively train and St. Matrona, St. Petersburg — blueberry and cranberry.

“The only particular person, who is often seen in a dream, — Putin. Often dream of him in Chechnya”, — stated in the report of the company.

Russians often ask for interpretation of dreams to the search engine: every week users of “Yandex” do more than half a million requests associated with dreams, the report says. The study is based on queries to the search for “Yandex” with the words “what dreams” (“dream”, “dream”, “shoot”) during the period 1 September 2016 to 28 February 2017. Just the map of 540 words.